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  • Ironman St. George — The Finish

    Ironman St. George — The Finish

    Time: 13:06:22 M 35-39: 109/297 Overall: 561/1,634  Yes, I am now an Ironman. I loved the experience and the day. I put together a realistic plan and followed it all the way in. I never felt horrible or sick. I was stressed on the run, […]

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  • 03.27.2010 — IMSG Course Ride

    03.27.2010 — IMSG Course Ride

    Type: Ironman St. George Course Preview Distance: 88.08 miles Time: 5:59 TSS: 470 Average Watts: 169 watts Normative Watts: 198 watts Average Heart Rate: 130 bpm Total Work: 3,687 kJ Honest to goodness, this is what the wind felt like today. This was a brutal […]

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  • Ironman St. George Course Review

    Ironman St. George Course Review

    I am an information junkie — I like to know everything about everything. I think this started at an early age and is one of the reasons I LOVE to read. It has taken me a long time to figure out that it is alright […]

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