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26.2 Is My Cooldown | January Swim Workout

January Swim Workout Archive

  • 01.28.10 — Distance Swim and Coaching Session

    01.28.10 — Distance Swim and Coaching Session

    Type: Steady Pace Swim Distance: 3,000 yards Time: 2,000 yard set in 32:00, 1,000 yards of drills does it really matter? Workout: 2,000 Yard Set at Race Pace, 1,000 Yards of Drills I didn’t know if Coach Danielle was coming to the pool last night […]

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  • 01.27.10 — Swim Intervals

    01.27.10 — Swim Intervals

    Type: Swim Intervals that make my arms fall off Distance: 1,000 yards Time: about 13:00 Workout: 10 x 100 yards with about 30 seconds of rest between sets The plan was to get into the pool and after a quick warm-up, swim ten 100 yard […]

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  • 01.26.10 — Long Swim

    01.26.10 — Long Swim

    Type: Swim, Going Long Baby Distance: 3,750 yards Time: About 60:00 Workout: Steady Pace Long Swim I know, I know, I should have added the extra 250 yards to the swim so I could have hit 4,000. I am a Board Member for my HOA […]

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  • 01.25.10 — My Coach Ditches Me…

    01.25.10 — My Coach Ditches Me…

    Type: Swim, Steady Pace Distance: 2,000 yards Time: 29:20 Workout: Just Keep Swimming Well, my first session with the new coach did not happen. She called with some lame excuse that her boy was in the emergency room or something…no really, I hope everything turned […]

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  • 01.20.10 — Change Up at the Pool

    01.20.10 — Change Up at the Pool

    Type — Swim, Steady Pace Sets Distance: 2,000 yards Time: 28:30 Workout: 2 x 1,000 Not much to share about my swim tonight…I went shorter and slower than last night. I felt smooth in the water. There was no lightning and thunder nor were there […]

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  • 01.19.10 — Another Great Swim

    01.19.10 — Another Great Swim

    Type: Paddles, Pull Buoy, and Sharing the Lane Distance: 2,250 yards Time: 24 minutes or so Workout: 3 x 750 yards This was pretty much a copy of last night’s workout, with the exception of the last set of 750 yards. When I was resting […]

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  • 01.19.10 — Back in the Home Pool

    01.19.10 — Back in the Home Pool

    Type: Paddles, pull buoy, and trying to kick butt Distance: 2,250 yards Time: 25 minutes or so Workout: 3 x 750 yards I don’t know what it is about your home pool, but am I the only one who feels faster? I felt like I […]

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  • 01.14.10 — Recovery Swim

    01.14.10 — Recovery Swim

    Type: Recovery Swim Distance: 2,000 yards Time: I really didn’t track this one Workout: One straight set I know this sounds funny, but the Maui YMCA does not have a lap clock at the pool. It is tough to track the exact amount of time […]

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  • 01.13.10 — Easy Swim

    01.13.10 — Easy Swim

    Type: Swim Distance: 3,000 yards Time: Around 40:00 Workout: One straight set Another great workout at the Maui YMCA. I really like the facility they have here. I tried to make sure I paid attention to my catch during this workout, and I felt much […]

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  • 01.12.10 — Swim at Maui YMCA

    01.12.10 — Swim at Maui YMCA

    Type: Swim Distance: 2,500 yards Time: 40:00 Workout: 1 x 2,500 yards Another swim at the great Maui YMCA. I just got in the pool, put on my Interval from H2O Audio, and swam. I decided to not take an breaks and just swim. It […]

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