July Bike Workout Archive

  • The Most Epic Bike Wreck Ever

    The Most Epic Bike Wreck Ever

    Last night the pain got worse and the swelling went up, so I broke down and went to the doctor this morning. Long story short, I have a cracked radial head on the Radius of my left arm. The good news is they won’t put […]

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  • 07.28.10 — Interesting Ride

    07.28.10 — Interesting Ride

    Type: Ride with my Brother Distance: 22.25 miles Time: 1:21:30 Average Watts: 175 watts Normative Power: 207 watts Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm Total Work: 774 kJ Average Speed: 18.2 mph One thing I have failed to tell you people about in the blogsphere is […]

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  • 07.20.2010 — Nice Ride with Friends

    07.20.2010 — Nice Ride with Friends

    Type: Easy Group Ride Distance: 24.07 miles Time: 1:20:23 Average Watts: 153 watts Normative Power: 188 watts Average Heart Rate: 159 bpm Total Work: 739 kJ Average Speed: 18.0 mph Come on, cut me some slack already! It was supposed to be a nice ride with my pals Juston and […]

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  • 07.19.2010 — I’m Back…

    07.19.2010 — I’m Back…

    Type: First Time Back in the Saddle Distance: 20.05 miles Time: 1:12:06TSS: 88.3 Average Watts: 169 watts Normative Power: 193 watts Average Heart Rate: 169 bpm Total Work: 729 kJ Average Speed: 17.8 mph Yes, yes, yes I know I have been MIA for about […]

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  • 01.06.10 — AT Intervals

    01.06.10 — AT Intervals

    Type: Bike — Intervals at Anaerobic Threshold Distance: 21.8 miles Pace: 21.8 mph Time: 60:00 Average Watts: 173 watts Average Heart Rate: 156 bpm Total Work: 595 kJ This was a really weird ride. First the computer I use with my Powermeter did not work […]

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  • 07.28.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 23.85 miles Time: 1:07 Average pace: 20.01 mph Average Heart Rate: 144 bpm Great ride this morning with Justin and Brady. Shay missed it because he couldn’t get out of bed. We rode intervals of about 2.0 miles each and they were […]

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  • 07.25.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 22.01 miles Time: 1:06 Average pace: 20.01 mph Average Heart Rate: 144 bpm Nothing too spectacular about the ride today. I did get up later than I wanted to and had to ride a little less. My brother James is in town […]

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  • 07.23.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 24.01 miles Time: 1:14 Average pace: 19.47 mph Average Heart Rate: 134 bpm Nice ride this morning with Shay Bertola and his pal Jed. I did go over a bump and the nose of my saddle tipped up about 20 degrees. That […]

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  • 07.22.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 30.13 miles Time: 1:28 Average pace: 20.54 mph Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm Busy athletic day — played golf in the a.m. with Brian Wagstaff, Steve Atwood, and Troy Sample. Hit my driver really well today but within about 50 yards of […]

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  • 07.21.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 30.46 miles Time: 1:37 Average pace: 19.24 mph Average Heart Rate: 142 bpm Good ride this morning with Shay. His knee started to hurt him after about 15 miles, so we slowed down a touch. I dropped him off at home after […]

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