July Run Workout Archive

  • 08.12.10 — A Great Run Workout (My Favorite)

    08.12.10 — A Great Run Workout (My Favorite)

    Intervals are a great way to improve both your cardiovascular efficiency and your speed and the great thing about them is you can do them in the pool, on your bike, or running. No special equipment is needed for them — all you need is […]

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  • Not so Stir Crazy 1.0

    Not so Stir Crazy 1.0

    Type: Nice Easy Run to Make Sure I Still Work Distance: 5.0 miles Time: 42:25 Heart Rate: 161 bpm TSS: 68.0 Nice easy run around the neighborhood trying to make sure my legs still work. People, you would be surprised with what you can do with a […]

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  • 01.14.10 — Easy Run

    01.14.10 — Easy Run

    Type: Nice easy run Distance: 3.0 miles Pace: 8:20 min/mile Time: 24:58 Average Heart Rate: 159 bpm Average Speed: 7.1 mph I had to get up early yet again this morning to be at the site I was evaluating. It was tough to pull my […]

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  • 07.27.09


    Type: Run Distance: 4.07 miles Time: 35:44 Average pace: 8:46 m/min Average Heart Rate: 151 bpm Got off of the plane in SLC from San Diego and came home. Props to Delta Airlines who treat their Silver Medallion Frequent Fliers like gold — I got […]

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  • 07.23.09


    Type: Run Distance: 4.02 miles Time: 33:30 Average pace: 8:20 per mile Average Heart Rate: 156 bpm P.M. run that was really tough. I didn’t think I was really this tired, but I guess I was. It started off alright at about 8:00 minutes per […]

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  • 07.22.09


    Type: Run Distance: 4.10 miles Time: 33:00 Average pace: 8:03 per mile Average Heart Rate: 159 bpm Second workout of the day. This was a tough run. I never thought I wouldn’t finish, but I really wanted to walk more than once. I held it […]

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  • 07.20.09


    Type: Run Distance: 4.01 miles Time: 31:01 Average pace: 7:44 m/m Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm Great p.m. run. I did start out a little quick and finished with an 8:00 flat mile. That will learn me to pace a little better from the start. […]

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  • 07.18.09


    Type: Run Distance: 6.5 miles Time: 51:00 Average mph: 7:51 min/mile Average Heart Rate: 157 bpm Today was supposed to be a rest day, but felt good getting out of bed so I decided to run. Great run this morning. I think it helps that […]

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