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26.2 Is My Cooldown | March Bike Workout

March Bike Workout Archive

  • Powertap

    Training with Power is So Cool

    If you want one tool to help you improve, invest in a Powermeter.

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  • Vials and syringes

    Doping Continues in the Peleton

    I think I am now resigned to the fact that cycling is as dirty as professional body building.

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  • Anterior_Hip_Muscles

    IT Band Issues

    You wanna collapse in pain? Ignore that pain on the outside of your knee...

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  • parcours

    Start of the Spring Classics of Cycling

    I am pumped for the start of Pars-Nice -- it means spring has arrived.

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  • runner

    Running Technique — Running Up and Down Hills

    To keep your speed up in the hills, there are simple strategies you can use to improve your running technique.

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  • Young women doing crunches on fitness ball

    Core Workout for Endurance Athletes

    Trying different exercises for your core can help keep your workout fresh.

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  • 03.31.10 — Recovery Ride

    03.31.10 — Recovery Ride

    Type: Recovery Ride Distance: 20.68 miles Time: 60:31 TSS: 60.9 Average Watts: 174 watts Average Heart Rate: 143 bpm Total Work: 626 kJ This was a ride that I needed. My legs were toasted after the last couple of days. My Saturday ride seems to […]

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  • 03.30.10 — Super Intervals

    03.30.10 — Super Intervals

    Type: 150% FTP Intervals Distance: 21.53 miles Time: 62:00 TSS: 91.7 Average Watts: 189 watts Average Heart Rate: 150 bpm Total Work: 703 kJ I subscribe to this Google Group that discusses power and cycling training. One of the recent threads discussed the best way […]

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  • 03.29.10 — Good Steady Effort

    03.29.10 — Good Steady Effort

    Type: Tempo Ride with Intervals Distance: 22.13 miles Time: 63:00 TSS: 73.8 Average Watts: 186 watts Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm Total Work: 700 kJ Great ride to start the week off with. After a quick 10 minute warm-up to where I built up to […]

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  • 03.27.2010 — IMSG Course Ride

    03.27.2010 — IMSG Course Ride

    Type: Ironman St. George Course Preview Distance: 88.08 miles Time: 5:59 TSS: 470 Average Watts: 169 watts Normative Watts: 198 watts Average Heart Rate: 130 bpm Total Work: 3,687 kJ Honest to goodness, this is what the wind felt like today. This was a brutal […]

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