March Run Workout Archive

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    Body Image Issues…

    Everyone has something on their body that they don't like...

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    Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

    Foot pain will stop you in your tracks. An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure in this case.

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  • 03.31.10 — Recovery Ride

    03.31.10 — Recovery Ride

    Type: Recovery Ride Distance: 20.68 miles Time: 60:31 TSS: 60.9 Average Watts: 174 watts Average Heart Rate: 143 bpm Total Work: 626 kJ This was a ride that I needed. My legs were toasted after the last couple of days. My Saturday ride seems to […]

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  • 03.25.10 — I Do What I Want!

    03.25.10 — I Do What I Want!

    Type: Another Ride to Lightly Test the Legs Distance: 21.42 miles Time: 60:25 TSS: 66.8 Average Watts: 172 watts Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm Total Work: 621 kJ Good ride this morning. Went with 2 minutes intervals with 3 minute recoveries. The legs felt pretty […]

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  • 03.20.10 — Oh Yes I Did!

    03.20.10 — Oh Yes I Did!

    Type: LSD Distance: 20.0 miles TSS: 271.8 Pace: 8:56 min/mile Total Work: 1,718 kJ Man this was a long run. I never hit the wall, but I could tell it was starting to crumble at the foundation, preparing for a great crash all around me. […]

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  • 03.17.10 — Recovery Run

    03.17.10 — Recovery Run

    Type: Recovery Run Disyance: 7.0 miles TSS: 93.4 Time: 58:00 Pace: 8:15 min/mile Total Work: 711 kJ I woke up this morning and decided it was time for a little ground and pound. The weather is going to be fantastic today, so I can get […]

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  • 03.11.10 — Great Interval Ride

    03.11.10 — Great Interval Ride

    Type: Interval Ride Distance: 22.07 miles TSS: 74.3 Time: 60:26 Average Watts: 179 watts Average Heart Rate: 146 bpm Total Work: 647 kJ Oh the difference a good recovery ride makes. I did run 5.0 miles last night. It was late when I finally got […]

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  • 03.08.10 — Time to Catch Up

    03.08.10 — Time to Catch Up

    Type: Intervals Distance: 21.89 miles TSS: 75.9 Time: 60:35 Average Watts: 185 watts Average Heart Rate: 146 bpm Total Work: 670 kJ I haven’t posted since last Thursday because I have been swamped at work. Believe it or not, I actually do have a job […]

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