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  • Great Interview with George Hincapie

    Great Interview with George Hincapie

    I am not prone to hero worship. I think that there are plenty of people to admire in this life, and most of the people who make that cut are those who I know personally. Through the years I have figured out that sports in […]

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  • 12.22.09 — Bike Threshold Ride

    12.22.09 — Bike Threshold Ride

    Type: Bike — Threshold Ride Distance: 22.74 miles Pace: 2:38 min/mile Time: 60:33 Average Watts: 177 watts Average Heart Rate: 154 bpm Total Work: 634 kJ This was the breakout ride that I have been looking for now for a while. I was able to […]

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  • More on the TdF

    More on the TdF

    Alright, I had to laugh about this article about Mark Cavendish — some anonymous French rider is calling him anti-French. You can read the entire article here. The article mentions Cav’s racist attitude in about the middle, so read the rest of the article. My […]

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