November Bike Workout Archive


    Rest and Recovery — The Underutilized Training Strategy

    Rest and active recovery are important parts of any training program. Here are some of my favorites...

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    Bike Intervals Rule

    Nothing beats a good interval workout, on the bike or running.

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  • Trek Mountain Bikes

    Black Friday Mountain Style

    It wasn't as successful as I would have hoped.

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  • 26.2 is my cooldown

    Doping in Cycling — Contador Runs out of Rope

    Love him or hate him, Alberto Contador is starting to run out of options in his doping case.

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  • Burning a match

    I Lost my Fitness. Anyone Seen it?

    I think I lost all my bike fitness in a matter of two months. I was still running, so what gives?

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  • 11.30.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 20.0 miles Time: 60:00 Average Watts: 165 watts Average Heart Rate: 165 bpm Not sure why, but this was a tough ride this morning. I got plenty of sleep, I ate healthy yesterday, and it was a rest day. Everything points to […]

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  • 11.28.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 20.0 miles Time: 60:00 Average Watts: 170 watts Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm Just a nice easy ride on the CycleOps Pro 300PT in the basement. I felt really good on this ride. I didn’t overindulge for Thanksgiving and I think my […]

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  • 11.16.09


    Type: Brick — Bike/Run Distance: 10.0 miles/1.0 miles Time: 38:00 Average pace: 170 watts/8:00 /mile Average Heart Rate: 159 bpm I liked the workout from Saturday so much that I decided I would try and do a brick every time I am on my bike […]

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  • 11.14.09


    Type: Brick — Bike/Run Distance: 20.0 miles/2.0 miles Time: 76:00 Average pace: 180 watts/8:00 /mile Average Heart Rate: 165 bpm Now this is more like it. I got a little amped up and decided that I would do a brick. For those of you who […]

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  • 11.09.09


    Type: Bike Ride Distance: 20.0 miles Strategy: Nice ride with Shay Average Speed: 19.0 mph Average Heart Rate: Best guess about 155 bpm You know, I called my buddy Shay up yesterday after I got home from Iowa and somehow tricked him into a mid […]

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