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  • Running with headphones

    Music While Running or Biking — Is it a Good Idea?

    Do you listen to music while running or cycling? Here are my thoughts and my playlist for my swims.

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  • Who Owns the Road? Cyclists, Cars, or Dogs?

    Who Owns the Road? Cyclists, Cars, or Dogs?

    Something that Troubles Me There is a new Facebook group called “There’s a Perfectly Good Path Right Next to the Road you Stupid Cyclist” that is really feeding the anti cyclist movement out there. I read about it at a couple of sites that I […]

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  • 08.07.09


    One more rest day before my ride in the ULCER tomorrow — let’s hope the weather holds and it dumps rain tonight but stops by, say 4:00 a.m. So I thought I would take a minute and give you, the driver, some tips on bike […]

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