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    Freestyle Breathing and Taking an Unscheduled Day Off

    I just may be the Father of the Year...

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  • DeSoto T1 Water Rover Wetsuit Review

    DeSoto T1 Water Rover Wetsuit Review

    I had a 5,000 yard swim on the schedule last night so I decided it was the perfect time to take my new DeSoto T1 Water Rover out for a spin. I have a couple of 4,000 yard swims under my belt already this year, […]

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  • 01.27.10 — Swim Intervals

    01.27.10 — Swim Intervals

    Type: Swim Intervals that make my arms fall off Distance: 1,000 yards Time: about 13:00 Workout: 10 x 100 yards with about 30 seconds of rest between sets The plan was to get into the pool and after a quick warm-up, swim ten 100 yard […]

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