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  • Levi_TT

    Levi Leipheimer Tour de Suisse Victory — What a Baller

    Let's look at one of the best rides of the year by an American cyclist...

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  • 07.21.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 30.46 miles Time: 1:37 Average pace: 19.24 mph Average Heart Rate: 142 bpm Good ride this morning with Shay. His knee started to hurt him after about 15 miles, so we slowed down a touch. I dropped him off at home after […]

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  • 07.20.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 20.17 miles Time: 1:02 Average mph: 19.51 Average Heart Rate: 143 bpm Got up really late and rode anyways. The alarm went off and there weren’t any issues getting out of bed, I just piddled around the house for a while and […]

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