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  • friendship-quilt-pattern-1

    An Endurance Athlete’s Christmas

    Mennonites and quilts. This post may have it all...

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  • 26.2ismycooldown.com

    Rest and Recovery — The Underutilized Training Strategy

    Rest and active recovery are important parts of any training program. Here are some of my favorites...

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  • Maui_Honolua_1

    Honolua Photo Session

    This post is for vanity only -- family pictures near Honolua for your enjoyment.

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  • 01.16.10 — A Weird, weird last day in Lahaina

    01.16.10 — A Weird, weird last day in Lahaina

    Nope, no workouts today. I was scheduled to run 10 miles and swim for 90 minutes, but I woke up with a real hard case of pleurisy, which is just an inflammation of the lining of the lungs and sometimes of the heart. What that […]

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  • 12.29.09 — Head Colds are Dumb

    12.29.09 — Head Colds are Dumb

    Head colds are dumb, but are they as dumb as the people who get them? I’m not sure. I mentioned yesterday that I was starting to get a small head cold. It started to get worse as soon as I got on the plane to […]

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  • Update…


    Alright, the last couple of weeks have been just about crazy. I will try and give the Reader’s Digest version of the events. I finished out my trainings in North Dakota the week of November 16th with a drive out to Williston from Grand Forks. […]

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  • Back in the Saddle Again…

    Back in the Saddle Again…

    So I haven’t written on this for a while. Excuses of excuses, I have been very busy for the last several weeks. I have been on the road training districts for the last fours weeks. What that translates into is four weeks of running. I […]

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