Chris McCormack on a Wheaties Box

Type: Decent Steady State Ride
Distance: 19.43 miles
Time: 1:00:31
Average Watts: 164 watts
Normative Power: 167 watts
Average Heart Rate: 149 bpm
Total Work: 595 kJ
Average Speed: 19.3 mph

I dropped my cadence today and pushed a little harder during the ride. I thought I kept the watts at 170, but the CPU typically does not lie. So, the short version of this workout is my quads are a little worked and I am not looking forward to my run tomorrow. It is supposed to be a tempo run, so we will see how long I can keep up the faster pace with tired thighs. I did pound a 250 calories smoothie for breakfast within 30 minutes of the ride, along with 150 calories in my Infinit during the ride, so I am optimizing the success quotient. Man I sound smart sometimes.

Chris McCormack and his Wheaties Box

If you are into triathlon and troll any of the decent tri sites, you know Chris McCormack is going to be on a Wheaties and Wheaties Fuel Box in 2011. For the runners here, his nickname is “Macca”, so we will call him by that from this point forward.

I was contacted by Macca’s PR people (or Wheaties’ PR people, not sure which) and they asked me to keep you people in the loop and let you know it is time for triathletes to start buying Wheaties in mass. Having come up through the PR industry until I went into business for myself 10 years ago, I know they were stretching when they contacted me. I don’t really have the 50K daily page views they would like to see to really get the word out. They kind of slipped, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

You guys know I have been on a bit of a tear lately. I am not sure why my writing has focused on those things I am not too fond of, but I would just suggest I am bit of a mixed bag. I try to keep this blog positive, but sometimes you just need to call things out for what they are. I am sure I will turn a corner here soon enough.

I like Macca. He had a bit of a reputation of a bad ass a couple of years ago because he could talk trash. I read an interview he gave to GoTriMax in 2009 where he said, “I think you can create doubt, inhibition or fear into your competitor and this can give you an edge.” I personally don’t include this practice in my racing strategies, except with my really close friends, who give it right back to me. But I am not a pro. I don’t mind that Macca talks smack. There is a place for it at the pro level. But then again, as a Dallas Cowboys fan, I love to hate the Redskins,Vikings, and Eagles. I may not be normal that way. As a UT fan, I told my son I would never pay for college in the State of Oklahoma or if he goes to Texas A&M. I’m just sayin’.

26.2ismycooldown.comMacca does not need a Wheaties Box to provide him with additional exposure to the non-endurance athlete public — he has the NBC Kona broadcast for that. Macca does not need the Wheaties Box to add to his legacy — his race pedigree does that. He is the only triathlete to have won the Triathlon World Championships and the ITU World Cup in the same year (1997). He is one of six triathletes to finish an Iron Distance Event in under 8 hours. All that and he also did that little thing of winning the Ironman World Championships. Twice. Macca is the man.

So why is he on the Wheaties Box? Follow the money people. Wheaties Fuel is the “Official Cereal” of the Ford Ironman World Championships. I am sure part of the sponsorship contract also read that Wheaties would pay the male winner $X.XX to appear on the box. There is a photo floating around the net webs of Macca at the finishline of Kona with a Wheaties box. Does Macca really eat Wheaties Fuel? Somehow I doubt it. I am glad Macca is getting paid, but this is one of those deals that just rings of disingenuous. Why not include the female winner, Mirinda Carfrae? I have no doubt that Macca uses Specialized Bikes and Zipp wheels.

How do I feel the Macca Wheaties Box? I don’t want to take anything from Macca — I think you can tell I have a small man-crush on the guy. He is a stud and deserves all the success that his hard work has provided him with. But I hate to say it — and I know I am in the minority here — I am not convinced Wheaties Fuel. I would not purchase your product just because you have an Ironman Champion on the cover of your box. I use products because they work, not because so and so is on the cover. I have serious doubts that he regularly uses your product.

I am sure you people feel differently and feel free to post how stupid I am. But do you think that an athlete who more than likely does not use a product should pimp said product? Am I way off base here?

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