Clean Up Your Act — How to Get the Stank out of Your Shorts

Type: Tempo Run
Distance: 4.0 miles
Time: 30:30
Average Pace: 7:38 min/mile
Average Heart Rate: 158 bpm

Great run this morning. I really was feeling fantastic and thought I could push the pace a little. I did the first mile at about a 8:30 pace and just cruised. To do a tempo run properly, you really should pick a pace that is close to your lactate threshold. You really shouldn’t be able to hold the pace for more than about three miles. So I think of it as my 5K pace. I have to tell you, I think I could have gone faster, but this was the pace I thought I could hold for the entire three miles. I held about a 7:20 pace for the three miles and it felt good. I feel like I am progressing to the point that I may be hitting my 5K goal in January.

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Cleaning up Your Clothes

I know we all have a problem with the way that our clothes smell. After spending hours outside sweating and working your butt off (literally and figuratively) your clothes can have a smell that would drive even a teenage boy away. I know sometimes I have come in from a century ride in the middle of the day and even my dog would bail on me. That beagle was offensive. He would roll around in stuff that I couldn’t identify when it was the two of us walking in the woods. For him to walk away it was a big deal. Forget coming in from a 20 mile run — I could win awards for the stank my clothes carry.

And technical fabrics for some reason do not help in any way. Some of my technical running shirts REALLY hold a stank. I have a couple of shirts that we have thrown away because they have the STANK. I mean, talk about turning off my wife in a significant way. No matter how good I may or may not look after working out, when I have that STANK, it is all over. Some of the shirts even can smell after you wash them.

I have been on the search for years to find the answer of how to get the STANK out of my clothes. Dryer sheets don’t get rid of the smell — they just cover it up. Tide and other detergents only do the same. But some of the harsher solutions really tear up my bike shorts and shirts. But there are a couple of solutions.

I have tried with success pre-soaking my clothes in OxiClean before I put them in the washer. I can’t remember off the top of my head the exact ratio of scoops to water, but I think I added like one scoop to a full of warm water and it got most of the STANK out of my bike jerseys. I also had some success with putting vinegar in the fabric softener slot of the washing machine. The problem is both of those solutions are a little harsh and really rough on my technical gear. I don’t use the OxiClean because it significantly shortened the life span of my gear.

But for my everyday stink, I use WIN Detergent. I know you have seen the ads all over the net webs, but I really like the stuff. It isn’t too heavy and does not leave a residue in my clothes. In short, this stuff really works. I know there are lots of products out there that claim to work on the stinkiest of STANK, but WIN has always done the job for me. I literally buy a three pack every time I order the stuff. Once I get into my two-a-day workouts, I swear I go through the stuff quicker than a high school senior and cheat sheets.

It definitely isn’t the most economical way to get your clothes clean, but with as much as I spend on exercise clothes, it may be the best.

I know everyone else has the same issue that I do, so what do you use?

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