says running helps mood…

Type: Short, quick run
Distance: 3.0 miles
Time: 22:30
Average Pace: 7:30 min/mile
Average Heart Rate: 157 bpm

This run has the exact same profile of a run I did about 10 days ago. It was almost the exact same time and my heart rate was exactly the same. But these two runs were completely different. The other was outside and this one was in my Pain Cave and on the dreadmill. I am slipping a little on my mental toughness, but in my defense it was 10° F outside this morning when I was starting my run. With apologies to my northern people, it was too cold to run outside. It will come back to me, I promise.

On the iPod this morning: “My Kind of Party” by Jason Aldean. I literally cannot get enough of his music. If you like country music, you owe it to your children’s children to listen to Mr. Aldean. Spare me the country music sucks jokes — heard them and I am just not that impressed. :) It’s just how we roll down here in the country. Breaks New Ground

I know this holiday season is slow on the news front, but I really wish would try a little harder. They published a ground breaking article about “Job Search Burnout” on Monday that you can look at here. The article is like riding a merry-go-round — it reiterates no less that three times the things that you should do to avoid getting down on yourself while you are searching for a job.

Exercise and running comes up three different times as being beneficial to your attitude. The article claims, wait for it, that running can help mood! I mean, wait, is this real? Are they serious? Can someone please hire an editor at who doesn’t let crap through to the website?

For the “article”, the author, Anthony Balderrama,  took input from several people who look like his college buddies and just posted their responses as quotes. That is the entire article. I mean, who doesn’t know that running can help your mood? I took an informal poll today at lunch today (I went for sushi with my buddy Sheridan). I asked non-runners (n=1) if they knew running could help improve their mood because of the release of endorphins. 100% of my respondents said that yes, they believe meaningful exercise will help improve your mood, even if it just gets you outside. If you are running on a treadmill, you will just need to make sure you are not watching something on CBS. I think my research is as meaningful as what I found on

Now my fellow endurance athletes, I ask you, is this the best we can expect from the mainstream media? Unless you get into sport specific magazines, websites, or even authors, I am sad to report that it sure seems that way. But let’s look at one of the websites that I think is a fantastic resource for runners and triathletes. The Competitor Network is a company that caters to endurance athletes. They have several sites they manage, including one for cyclists, another for triathletes, another for mountain biking, and yes, even one for runners. Not only do they report the news related to our sports, but they also talk in a meaningful way about training.

For example, on, one of the recent articles was targeted at those runners who are either rookies or veterans returning after a long layoff. The article was well written and does not dummy down the information. I thought it was one of the more well-written pieces I have seen on the subject for a long time. As a matter of fact, I was going to write on the subject myself today, but decided to take this venom infused approach instead. You can read the article here.

So as we start the new year, I promise to be more thankful for those sites that do provide us, the humble endurance athlete, with relevant information. I am also going to try and make sure to post a good site or blog for your review every week. Hopefully I won’t direct you to a site that claims (read this in your best caveman voice) “running is good.”

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