Coming Back After a Break…

I know it has been a while since I last posted, but I have a really good excuse for that. I think most of you know I work in grant development and have school districts across the country that I work with. One of the Federal grants I work with was due on May 13th, which meant 20 hour days for the six weeks leading up to that. Literally, I was tied to my computer and phone.

Lots happened in that time, so let me give you the Reader’s Digest version:

  1. I turned 40. I know, huge milestone, right? Well I had a huge surprise party and most of my closest friends came out for food and a little recreation. It was a great night and I had a blast. At one point I did look around and said, these are my friends? In the next breath I wasn’t too disappointed either. I do feel like I am still about 25.
  2. I actually kept my mileage up until about May 1st. I had to limit myself to about 20 miles three times per week for most of April, but my fitness levels felt good. I actually put myself on a little strength program where I did about 400 push-ups in 50 rep sets on even days and a little bicep kettlebell routine with some really tough ab work on odd days. My upper body feels pretty strong on the bike right now.
  3. I went for a 50 mile ride on Saturday with some friends who I told specifically, in these exact words, “NO CLIMBING”. Of course these are my friends, so you know they ignored me. We went on some medium effort climbs and I have to admit that I was surprised how strong the competitive juices were flowing. There were a ton of bikers out and we would pick people off on every hill. I am happy to admit we never got passed, not even once. At about mile 42 I was flying downhill at about 40 mph and a guy passed me like I was standing still. He got about 500 feet in front of me and it took me a mile to do it, but I chased him down like he had stolen something from me. I am happy to report he didn’t pass me again.
  4. I am registered for the Double Triple Bypass, the Gran Fondo of Park City, and now LOTOJA. I am super pumped about this schedule. I will write more about each ride/race soon. These are some long and hard efforts that will really motivate me to get some serious miles under my belt.
  5. I am going to be raising money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute as part of my LOTOJA experience, and I will be giving away some cool stuff for those of you who can support me in my efforts. More on that later…

So there you have it — the month of April and half of May. Weather is crappy this week, so most of my miles may be inside, but here’s hoping for a break in the weather before then!

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