Contest Results Posted Wednesday Morning

Alright guys — thanks for your understanding today. I got into Grand Forks about 2:00 p.m., met with some people there and then drove out to Minot during the afternoon. Needless to say, nothing is close to anything else in North Dakota. When someone here talks about their long runs of 20+ miles, they will tell you they went for a run “just over there”.

I have the spreadsheet put together for all the comments and links, but I need to get all the Followers put together on a list. Google Friend Connect is cool, but it doesn’t publish a list of your Followers. Attention Google Developers — this would be a cool tool to have. It will be a little late because it would have saved me time now, but I will take the commissions anyways.

Again guys, the results will be published Wednesday morning. I have to drive to Dickinson and back tomorrow, which is three hours each way. I will be training all day, but I have the time to get the Followers all manually input into my magical spreadsheet. We can then get back onto our regular schedule of extremely useful training information.

Hold on with me…we are almost there.

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