Core Strength and Endurance Athletes

Type: Solid Intervals
Distance: 21.5 miles
Time: 1:00:36
Average Watts: 180 watts
Normative Power: 191 watts
Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm
Total Work: 651 kJ
Average Speed: 21.3 mph

The goal for this workout was to get to 651 kJ. I decided to do some serious intervals and see how many I could put out. I was riding 2:00 intervals with a 3:00 recovery for an hour. As I type this my legs feel like wet noodles and not in a good way like with red sauce and cheese. But I hit my goal with 651 kJ and a smile on my face.

Thanks for all the support on my successful draw on the Double Triple Bypass in Colorado. My enthusiasm for the race continues to expand to the point that now I am looking for free moments and nice weather to ride outside. But my excitement extends beyond sunlight hours — I actually dreamed about the race last night. It was all about flatting a couple of times and still crossing the finish line. That was a sweet dream. It is funny what we endurance athletes dream about. :) Now on to the next one — getting into LOTOJA.

Core Strength Workouts

If you read any website that is dedicated to endurance sports, you know how much information there is on the net webs about core workouts. When I started running and even a couple of years later when I started doing tri’s, I never really focused on my core. If you think that your core will take care of itself because of your other workouts, think again.

It is really important to make your core a priority. Strengthening your core has a ton of benefits, which can include improved performance, decreasing your propensity for injury, and improved stability. If you want more evidence or proof, just Google “core strength” on the net webs.

But talking about making core strength a priority and actually achieving that goal is where most endurance athletes have a disconnect. Just like you plan your swims, bikes, and runs, you need to include core workouts in your training calendar. If you choose to make core workouts part of your calendar, you will make significant improvements.

So choosing to put my money where my mouth is on this, I have been working my core for the last eight weeks now. I haven’t really publicized it, mostly because I was embarrassed at the beginning with my total lack of core stability and strength. I was really surprised how weak my core was. But you need to know that with hard work and some sore abs, you can make significant efforts. I am not where I want to be yet, but I will soon be at the point where I can hold a 6:00 plank.

And I can tell the difference in my running and cycling. I am able to hold good form, even when my legs are a little bit tired. I still have the aches and pains of running, but you won’t find me hunched over doing the “marathon shuffle” this year.

There are lots of great core workouts on the net webs, but this is the one that I have followed. I have taken and tweaked the workout — the amount of time, the quantity, and the order. This video is freakin’ awesome and ladies, you can thank me later.

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