Core Workout for Endurance Athletes

Distance: 21.3 miles
Time: 1:00:33
Average Watts: 179 watts
Normative Power: 182 watts
Average Heart Rate: 154 bpm
Total Work: 645 kJ
Average Speed: 21.8 mph

This workout was identical to Monday’s, except the cadence was higher. The Intensity Factor and TSS were a little higher in this ride because I structured the intervals differently, and I could tell because my legs were worked. This was an interval workout at heart, and it felt like it when I got done.

This afternoon I am going to try and ride outside. The temps are supposed to top out today at 50°, so riding outside will be a joy. I will try to get my work done so I can go out and put the rubber on the road. Even if I don’t get my work done, this may be the last time I can ride outside for a while. A big storm is supposed to blow in over the weekend, which may just stop me from riding. I don’t ride on the road in the snow or ice. Temps don’t bother me, but iced over pavement does.

Core Workouts for the Hardcore

I have put up some great videos on core workouts.There are some real serious exercises out there to help you improve your core strength. I firmly believe one of the keys to improving your speed on the road or in the pool is to strengthening your core. If you are having trouble raising your performance to the next level, follow the workout in the video — it is hardcore.

Planks are great, and sit-ups are fantastic. Get yourself an exercise ball, a Bosu Ball, and a couple of dumbbells, and jump on board the pain train!

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