Has It Really Been Four Months?

Holy crap. Just holy crap. I can’t believe it has been four months since I posted up here. In the grand scheme of things, that really is an eternity. I have missed about 120 posting opportunities related to fitness and health. There is no excuse at all for my absence. I think I just lost interest in blogging. Cue the gasps, but I think it was true. The pressures of getting an entry up everyday was actually producing some stress in my life, so I think I walked away for a bit.

So this is what you people missed:

  1. I have set a distance and elevation gain record for the year. Here is how it has come together so far: April was 589.7 mi. and 18,335 ft., May was 1,027.1 mi. and 29,444 ft., June was 932.9 mi. and 49,813 ft., July was 1,056.8 mi. and 55,321 ft. Year to date, which includes through today, is 5,075.3 mi. and 182,299 ft climbed. I have focused a ton on climbing and intervals and as a result, I am actually getting faster. If you want to check out the details on some of my more epic rides, click here to find my profile on Strava.
  2. Speaking of faster, I have done two bike races this year so far. I did really, really well at both. The Desperado Dual is about 196 mi. and 9,000 ft. of climbing and looking at the times before the race I wanted to get in the top 10. I placed 3rd overall in this race and had what I would call as close to a perfect race for me as possible. Then I did the Super Fondo of Park City, which is 156 mi and has about 8,800 ft. of climbing. This race was the week after the Desperado Dual and that made it about twice as hard as it needed to be. But, I did get 4th in my AG and 10th OA. My buddy Brent Williams took 1st in both races.
  3. I did some amazing spectating at the Tour of Utah. Some of the professional riders have said that my donut handup in a kilt on the south side of Suncrest was the highlight of the day on Stage 5. Alright, nobody has said it, but I am sure they were thinking it. Here is the proof that yes, indeed I was clad in a kilt.
  4. http://26.2ismycooldown.comMy brother Jake who is in Kandahar is still safe and whole. I hear from him a couple of times a week on Facebook. Man I love technology. He will be home in October and I will be going out to see him.

And now I have about three weeks before my A race, the one that I have been building for the entire summer. My power is up and I am feeling pretty solid. My weight is down about 15 lbs. from 2011, which means I get to ride a free bike at LOTOJA. I am trying to cut 5 lbs. more before the race, but I am not sure that is realistic. Regardless, my weight is right where I want it to be. I guess I am just chasing that perfect standard.

So I will be posting here about twice a week I have decided. I am going to start with some of my favorite bike workouts at first and then get to the race reports. I know the season is coming to a close with fall quickly approaching, but it will be good to talk out training and nutrition strategies here.

Let me know if you have found any new techniques or workouts that are working well for you!

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