Day IV — Nothing but Relaxing…

So the last day we were in Hawai’i we literally had nothing scheduled. So, for the most part, we sat by the pool and relaxed. If you know me, this can be a difficult task. Sitting still is definitely not in my skill set. But I have to admit that I think I did pretty well at it this time. I did take a walk around the hotel compound in Wailea and I took some great photos. I would like to say I went for some epic run or something athletic, but it wouldn’t be true. I relaxed. Here are some of the photos I took:

These are obviously some rocks off of the hotel pool. I just though the image was cool.

This tree sits by itself. Again, I thought it looked cool

This bird was hanging out all alone. I think I am beginning to see a theme emerge here.

This flower was growing on a bush all alone. Again with the theme…

Here is a lone board paddler in the middle of the bay.

Again with the solitary Bird of Paradise. I love these flowers.

The trip overall was fantastic and a success. The good thing about it is we explored the island and found some fantastic places. I like the organic Hawai’ian experience over the commercialized, and I will find the path less traveled next time I am there.

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