Family Fun in Maui — Spending Time with Hoss

Type: Tempo Run
Distance: 4.0 miles
Time: 35:01
Average Heart Rate: 157 bpm
Average Speed: 6.8 mph

Alright, this run was not stellar. I felt slow the entire time. My legs were heavy and I just could not find another gear like I did for the last two days. I had to keep my head in this run just to finish it up strong. I don’t like to make excuses, but I think I was dehydrated. My heart rate was higher and there were no other variables that were different. I really was just glad to get this one done with. I am going to take tomorrow off just to let the legs rest a touch and hopefully recover a little more than usual. I will take Hoss and my lady friend to breakfast to a killer little spot that I know of.

Work out here is going great. I was at Makawao Elementary School yesterday and will be at Kihei Elementary School today. The PE programs at both schools are being run by the Maui Family YMCA and they are doing a great job. It is fantastic to see a Community Based Organization making a difference where funding has dried up.

Aprés Work Activities with Hoss

One of the benefits of my job is when I am on the road I am done with work by about 3:00. It is a freakin’ awesome perk of my job. So for the last couple of days I have been going to the beach with Hoss. We have been either snorkeling or Boogie Boarding for the last several days. Hoss has gotten super aggressive in the water, which I am loving as a Father. Of course he has no experience with rip tides and the such, so when he is in the ocean, he always wears a life jacket. Until he 30 or so, he will be wearing the life jacket while I am around.

He and I decided we would have the World Championships of Boogie Boarding today. You got a point for going the furthest up onto the shore, and sometime in the middle of the championships he decided you should lose points if you “cheated”. I guess I had a problem with aiming for him, trying to run him over, pulling on his legs, and trying to pants him. He is only seven, and seeing him try to get the most distance out of his runs while bare assed was pretty funny. He is super focused.

Here are the pics:

Good times with Hoss — this has been a great trip.

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