Feeling Slow? Sometimes you just need to finish your workout.

Distance: 20.1 miles
Time: 1:01:10
Average Watts: 171 watts
Normative Power: 175 watts
Average Heart Rate: 153 bpm
Total Work: 640 kJ
Average Speed: 20.0 mph

I can tell you my body did not like my diet crushing feeding patterns last night for our Super Bowl party. From the second I started pushing the pedals this morning I felt slow, and not like the normal slow that I will usually feel on a Monday morning. It was the slow that makes you feel like you have a bungee cord attached to your seat post and the garage door, making sure you never make it into a higher gear after your warm-up. This workout was scheduled to include intervals, but after the first couple I could tell there was no second gear today. It was better just to finish the workout and take it a little easy. Once my body gets over the shock I put it through last night, I think it will be fine.

One last plug for the Tanita BC-1000 contest (read up on the rules here) — the feedback I am getting from people is that this contest is really smoking. I think body composition is one way to more accurately measure your true health levels, and Tanita really makes some fantastic products to simply and accurately measure your body composition. I didn’t jump on mine this morning because I was afraid of what it would tell me.

Finishing Your Workouts

There was a huge party at our house for the Super Bowl last night. We had two other families and their kids over and I think we cooked for about twice as many people as what came. My lady friend made her white bean chicken chili and it is super healthy in moderation. I had planned on a bowl of this, a couple of Cokes, and then water the rest of the night.

But then I started baking the finger foods. I made cream cheese wontons, pork egg rolls, pizza rolls, pot stickers, jalepeno poppers, and even a little taco dip. I have to tell you I ate at least one of each during the game and when Green Bay finally pulled it off, I felt really slimy. Friends brought the healthy foods but I just kept putting away the fatty stuff. My brain just decided it wanted fatty foods after months of fat deprivation. It was on a mission and apparently my brain is fairly powerful. Who knew?

I don’t eat a ton of fat and while everything but the pot stickers was baked, everything contained a ton more fat than what my body is accustomed to. I love the taste of fatty food, but I am in a place right now that my body doesn’t enjoy it and it lets me know. I don’t get physically ill and have to spend the next week perched in the bathroom or anything, but my body just feels off. When I workout I just don’t have the energy that I usually would.

This morning I had a lesson in mental toughness and finishing your workout even when your body isn’t feeling it. It literally was a lesson in humility and understanding that the quality of the fuel you put into your body is going to impact what it is able to output. When you put crap in, you get crap out. Even when you don’t feel like you have it, Fitzgerald suggests that you take it back a gear and finish your workout. I am glad I did that today and hope I can get this feeling of blech out of my body soon.

We are headed to Hawaii at the end of this week for 10 days. I have a client on Maui that I have to go and visit three times a year — let me hear a collective boo hoo from everyone :). I know you guys feel sorry for me. I will have my family with me this trip, so my runs will be early in the morning, I will work all day, and then we will play together at night. I will be controlling my diet as much as I can, making sure I eat healthy even when it is inconvenient. My goal for the 10 days is 40 miles run, 2 lbs of fat lost, and making sure I get in all my runs without taking time away from my family.

Of course my runs will be at 6:00 a.m. with some of the distance along the beach at sunrise. I really hate this part of my job. :)

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