Feeling Slow? Try a Fartlek…

Type: Long Run
Distance: 8.0 miles
Time: 1:08:02
Average Pace: 8:30 min/mile
Average Heart Rate: 164 bpm

Great solid effort and I felt pretty good about it. My legs are a little beat, which is not good! I have a little side business where we customize and hang Christmas lights for residential clients. Today we have to take down a bunch of those lights. Up and down ladders will not be easy. :)

On the iPod: “Duck and Run” by 3 Doors Down and “Sweetest Girl” by Wyclef Jean. You can queue up any 3 Doors Down album and it will take you through any distance of run. I like their almost raw sound. I do wish they would put out an album that is full of songs that are done on just one track and one take. I think the honesty behind it would be cool.

Farltek Runs

A Fartlek is a workout that is designed to really help you improve your speed and efficiency. At this point I usually would talk about this type of workout, the advantages, and guilt you into including it into your schedule. But this time, let me share an email that Jeff from DangletheCarrot shared with me the other day.

He read one of my posts and had an excellent suggestion for speedwork. Of course, I am using this with prior permission (thanks pal). Here is an image of the email and how he does some of his speedwork:


So for me, I would use many of the same paces and times that Jeff advocates here. I am going to give this workout a try next week with shorter distances and work it into my schedule mid week.

I do think this workout needs to be done outside. You could do it on a treadmill, but only when you are using a treadmill that you are familiar with. I never think it is a good idea to run all out on a treadmill or something like this will happen…

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