First Timer on Jacob’s Ladder

Type: MTB Ride
Distance: 7.09 miles
Time: 55:06
Average pace: 7:46/mile
Average Heart Rate: 131 bpm

I love to mountain bike. The ride is so different from riding my road bike. The technical aspect of riding your mountain bike can only make you a better road biker. The excitement of riding a mountain bike can help you continue to maintain your enthusiasm for biking in general.

So my buddy Shay Bertola convinces me to ride Jacob’s Ladder, a great trail in Corner Canyon in Draper. If you click on the link, you can take a look at what other people think of the trail. Personally, I really liked it. The uphill was technical and difficult. We treated it as a loop, so we did not go back down the same way we came up. The uphill was exposed dirt and rock, and there were some serious technical sections. The way up ascended 781 feet in 3.0 miles, which was manageable. Shay and I went with Branon Miner, who also had a decent level of fitness. We did stop a couple of times to suck some wind, but overall I would say the ascent went really well.

The descent was fabulous. It was a single track through Scrub Oak and small Russian Olives. There were a ton of technical sections with steep descents with rocks all over the place. There were hairpin turns through the trees that you couldn’t see until the last minute. Shay ate it twice on these turns. I am happy to report I did not go down once this ride. I did take the descent pretty slow, but I do attribute it to my unfamiliarity with the trail. Next time I will fly down the mountain.

If you are wondering where the trail is, click on the link that I provided and it provides you with coordinates and basic directions. The weather today was really cool, and if there is any heat at all you will want to make sure you take plenty of water. I am stoked to ride with Shay and Branon again soon before the snow flies.

This is up at the top of the ride. You can see from Payson all the way to North Salt Lake from here. The views really make this ride worth it. Notice my killer Trek 69’er. I love this bike on the descents, but when you are trying to mash gears up really steep stuff, it is really tough to keep that front wheel on the ground. The front wheel is a 29″ and the back a 26″, so simple physics dictate this would be the case.

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