Fitness Goals — Man They Drive Me Out the Door

I am a goal setter. I think it is important to have an outcome in mind before you begin a project. There are projects that I am involved in that the goal has been changed several times, and even though it shifts, that goal gives everyone involved a target to shoot for.

Endurance sports is no different to me. This year most of my goals that I set at the beginning of the year for triathlon focused on Ironman St. George. The race over and done with at the beginning of May, I set some additional goals that all focused on cycling to help me continue to workout throughout the summer. The race I wanted to target – LOTOJA – did not let my team in this year, so my goals shifted again to focus on improving my skills as a cyclist, pushing to see how much improvement I could make in different areas.

This time of the year is always tough for me because I am on the road about five days a week for work and the only workouts I can typically get in involve either the TRX (which I will review later) or running. Most days I do both. So Labor Day is usually the end of my triathlon and cycling season. As a result, it is time to conduct the annual goal review to determine which goals I met this year.

Log 7,500 miles on the bike.

I was not that close to this one. From the WKO+ software from Training Peaks that I use, I biked 5,173 miles this season. There were two months – one because of work and another because of the broken elbow that resulted from a bike crash – where my volume decreased significantly. During the month that I worked 95 hour weeks, there was no other physical activity that substituted for cycling. After a broke my elbow, I was back on the road running instead only five days after the accident. It was painful to run, but the doctor told me not to BIKE. He never said I couldn’t run. I will be on the road for work consistently until Thanksgiving, so increasing my mileage on the bike will be difficult at best. For the 2011 season I will be focusing on cycling and long bike races, so my mileage will increase from the 2010 season. I will sign up for LOTOJA again and hope to get in, the Triple Bypass in Colorado, and the mountain stage of the Tour of Utah they let Cat 4 guys like me ride. I think I will be able to hit my goal of 7,500 miles in 2011.

Run 1,000 miles.

Ah, the 1,000 mile club. I know other bloggers have made a contest out of this benchmark. In training for Ironman St. George I had several 45-50 mile weeks. Since the Ironman my running volume has decreased. I feel the quality of my workouts has remained high, but I definitely have lost the edge in my speed. So far in the 2010 season I have logged 783 miles, a number that will continue to rise because my volume has increased because I am separated from my bike. This is a goal I should hit by the end of the year.

Hit a 12:30 at Ironman St. George.

I got a 13:06 at Ironman St. George. It was my first race and being inexperienced at this distance, my plan was to hold back on the swim and the bike and try and burn up the run course. I set the goal of getting a 12:30, and I had it in me that day. You can read my race report here. I know I could have broken 13:00 easily if I would have peed myself on the run instead of stopping, but I wouldn’t ever consider that (or would I?). I finished 561st, which was stellar because it was just outside of the top 25%. I promised my wife I would wait until 2012 to finish my next Ironman because of the time it takes to train. That means I have about 18 months to get ready.

The 2010 season was spectacular. I really had a great time this year. I got to go on some great rides with my friends and really found that there is a climber somewhere in my legs. I loved being able to climb up the mountain passes with ease. My new bike really helped, but it was the PowerMeter that helped me monitor my progress on rides. I loved the WKO+ software that helped me track my progress and fitness levels. It helped me plan when to peak and how to taper correctly.

This was the best year performance wise for me since about 2004 when I did my first half-iron distance race. It was fulfilling and for more reasons than just finishing my first Ironman. Even through the broken elbow, I felt like this was a successful season. My training plan and race schedule for 2011 will be focused on cycling and kicking butt in some of the hardest one day races out west. It will be a great time for sure.

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