Get Dirty — Cross training Mountain Style

Distance: 50.0 miles
Time: 2:29:20
Average Watts: 181 watts
Normative Power: 203 watts
Average Heart Rate: 141 bpm
Total Work: 1,649 kJ
Average Speed: 20.0 mph

Started out as an easy ride, but the first half was about 1.0 mph faster than usual, so I decided to try and pound out a decent little ride on the way home. It felt really good a week out from the Gran Fondo of Park City. This is the 170 mile race that goes from Park City to Evanston back to Park City. I learned this week that it has 5.0 miles over dirt fire roads. Oh joy. If you have any experience riding your road bike up dirt roads, please let me know the best strategy for keeping decent traction. And please don’t tell me to put cyclecross tires on my bike. The other 165 miles of the race about not like that.

And can I say I am loving the Tour de France right now? Holy crap if you saw Thursday’s stage you know what I am talking about. Andy Schleck was a friggin’ mountain goat and Cadel Evans and Thomas Voeckler both refused to lose their placing. I wasn’t ever a huge Evans fan until I saw this stage. He wants the Yellow Jersey bad. Almost as bad as Charlie Sheen wants to stay relevant.

The best thing about the stage was Contador got spit off the back of the leaders group. That made me really happy. Sucks to try and climb the Alps without juicing, huh Alberto?

It’s ALl About Performance

You guys have seen the video by MC Spandex called “It’s All About Performance”, but have you seen his new one called “Get Dirty”? This one is about mountain biking. I have a great mountain bike, but I only get it out of the garage about five or six times a year and then I am not such a great rider. My technical skills are not where they should be to ride some of the crazy downhills that abound here.

A friend of mine sent me this one on Facebook, and I love it. Check it out…

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