Guilty Pleasures — Music Style

Type: Intervals
Distance: 20.1 miles
Time: 1:00:27
Average Watts: 179 watts
Normative Power: 191 watts
Average Heart Rate: 156 bpm
Total Work: 675 kJ
Average Speed: 20.0 mph

Now that was a solid ride. I put together some more serious intervals for this ride and I am paying for it right now, but I am glad I got this ride in. I had a lot of penned up frustration left over from Saturday, but now it is all gone. I think I will be more pleasant to be around now that I worked some of the sass out of me.

Thanks for all the encouraging words from my race report. I should have expressed a little more gratitude for the performance that I was able to squeeze out of my body, even with totally abusing it Friday night. It is a race and I needed to HTFU instead of worrying about what anyone said to me. No matter how many miles you get in your legs or how many races you have done, it is always a nice reminder that you need to be a little more kind to your fellow racers that the harpy was to me. But meh, such is life. The great thing about experience is we are the sum of everything we have gone through. My take-away from this race will be two-fold: If you want to go fast, respect the body and always, always be kind to your fellow competitors. You can want to smoke them, but when you talk to someone, you better speak words of kindness and encouragement. Enough on that. Let us never speak of her again. :)

My Guilty Pleasures

I already told my brother that I would check my man card out the door for this post. While I am not in favor of FULL disclosure in my blog (there are some things that I don’t want floating out there in the universe), I am completely in favor of 100% honesty. I do need to warn you — if you are under the age of 25 there are several artists that you may or may not know. While your ignorance is understandable because of your age, if I were you I would consider sending me an Thank You card right now for the awesomeness that you are about to have unleashed on you.

I decided to limit this post to the top 5 artists who I actually like. I won’t admit to liking all of their catalog of music, but most of it I do. My musical tastes cast a wide net, so it would be pretty easy to just pick a couple of safe artists out there that may be a little on the edge. But I wanted to push the envelope here and find some music that is almost universally disliked. To make the cut, an artist had to be someone that I would be embarrassed to admit to my brothers or my friends that I like. I mean really embarrassed. Like getting caught shoplifting a candy bar with $20 in my pocket embarrassed. I think you get the picture.

Did you know when you Google “Guilty Pleasure” and click on Images that thousands of Ashley Tisdale pictures come up? I am not quite there yet. But, here is my list:

1. Book of Love. In the late 80’s I really liked this style of music. I am not sure what appeals to me so much about it — it is a 180° departure from the raw and non-manufactured style that I love. But, I loved hearing this song and had a particular type of girl that I loved to dance with. Michelle Embler, I am talking to you…

2. The Go-Go’s. Whatever you think about their music talent, they were a great band. I would argue with the premise that they lead out the “punk girl” movement, but they still had it together. I got married and wanted to have a bunch of daughters who all looked like Belinda Carlisle or Jane Weidlin. I just wanted them to not party like the girls are reported to have done. “Head Over Heels” still makes me smile.

3. Harry Connick Jr. Man that guy can sing. I really think you could argue that he is one of the most talented performers of our generation. He is a really talented songwriter as well as singer. I usually put this on sometime in the afternoon when I am going to make a pass at my wife.

4. Hootie and the Blowfish. I know Darius Rucker is a serious performer now, but back in the day his music was the ultimate in fratboy chic. Sometimes it is nice to listen to music you don’t need to think about and can just enjoy. I feel guilty about liking Hootie because I like my music to mean something. :)

5. KC and the Sunshine Band. No doubt about it, Harry Casey could jam. He is and amazing performer and someone I would love to meet someday. Seriously. The guy has funk in his blood and I love funk…

So I know you have a couple of bands that you may be embarrassed to admit that you love, but what would they be? You need to admit to why you are embarrassed when they come up on your playlist too people…

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