H20 Audio Interval Gear Review

I recently purchased the Interval from H2O Audio so I could break up some of the monotony of swimming. Mind you I don’t listen to music that often when I am running or biking, but for some reason staring at the black line is just mind numbing, even when my mind is engaged in maintaining good form. I have a tough time going more than 45 minutes in the pool without wanting to talk with someone. Enter a waterproof MP3 player.

The Interval is designed to safely hold your iPod Shuffle and to allow you to use the controls in the water. It sits in a small case that you put on your goggle strap. The headphone cords are only about six inches long, which means it has to sit on the back of your head. I didn’t even notice the unit sitting on my head after I started swimming with it. The Interval also kept my Shuffle dry. Remember this is a sample size of one. I have a 2G Shuffle, but I know the Intervals have moved to the 3G shuffle, which is a much different layout than the 2G.

One caution that I read in reviews was if you don’t get the headphones set at the right depth in your ear you will have some challenges hearing your music and I found this to be true. I don’t know if this is unique to H2O Audio or if this is a problem with all underwater headphones. I found if the ear bud was too deep all you heard was bass and if it was too shallow all you got was treble. As my workout went on, the ear buds remained seated alright, but I would stop for about 10 seconds from time to time to see if I couldn’t get the buds to sit in the right spot. 

The quality of the music was a little below average, but I was listening to music while swimming. I usually wear earplugs to keep the water out of my ears, and the ear buds did just fine accomplishing the same goal. Overall, the product is good, but I think I need to spend some time getting it dialed in so that I can get both treble and bass while working out. I paid around $100.00 for mine, and I would make the purchase again. I think I would explore other options a little more, like the Aquabeat from Speedo. I do like that I can use my iPod Shuffle, which is one less MP3 player I have to purchase.

My new Interval with the 2G iPod Shuffle loaded up. The headphone jack is at the top of the unit, which is nice. The fit of the iPod in the unit is snug, which made me happy!

This shows the exterior controls on the Interval. If you know how to use a Shuffle, then you will be fine. I like that you can control the volume and skip or repeat songs if you need to in the pool. The controls actually work too. Great engineering on the part of H2O Audio.

This photo shows the back of the unit. The clips fit right over any sized goggle strap. The clip is tight and is integrated with the rest of the unit, meaning there are no hinges or pins that may loosen up over time.

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