Honolua Photo Session

You know, I consider myself a pretty lucky guy. I get to travel across the country for work and have a great family who backs me up. We are in Hawaii right now for my work and one of the harder things we put on our “To Do” List was to get some photos of the family. We brought the tripod, our camera has a timer, and viola, instant Christmas Card shots.

The good thing about these pictures is my wife and boy are in them. I tried to duck out, but my wife said something about dumbing these down for our families. I think she meant she wanted me in them. If you want to know where we took these, it was on a cliff seaside outside of Kapalua and Honolua. Drop me a note and I will tell you exactly how to get there.

Picture of the Family seaside in Honolua

I love how Hoss has his hand on his hip. Who taught him that this is important?

Me and my lady friend on the cliff at Honolua

This is one that I think would have looked better if it was just my lady friend and Hoss...

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