I’m Not a Foodie, But this Stuff Rocks

Type: Few Intervals, but Great Ride
Distance: 20.33 miles
Time: 1:00
Average Watts: 173 watts
Normative Power: 185 watts
Average Heart Rate: 153 bpm
Total Work: 751 kJ
Average Speed: 20.1 mph

Alright, this was actually a tough ride. I did it in the basement in Mike’s Pain Cave because of the weather. I held the watts up right in between 170 and 175 for the entire ride I thought. I think I may not have been watching closely enough and the watts drifted below 170 for periods of time. The graphs that the WKO+ software generates are accurate and really revealing, and sometimes the truth hurts just a little.

At the end of the ride, at the 45:00, 50:00, and 55:00 marks I pushed the resistance up and rode at 300+ watts for 60 seconds. The first two intervals weren’t too tough — let’s say they were sustainable. The third was a little more difficult. I told a Twitter friend that I will put a ride together next week that will include the same power output during 60 second intervals with 4:00 rests in between. I will start them at the 10:00 mark and start the last interval at 55:00. This ride is a keeper. Interval workouts on the bike are awesome.

Something in Your Stocking Contest

People, this contest has generated a lot of excitement. If you want to win, please make sure you maximize the number of entries that you can each and every day. If you are new to this contest, read the rules that are at the link. You can always link to the contest on Facebook and Twitter each day people. There aren’t as many entries in that category just a little FYI. Just remember that Big Daddy Mike is always on your side.

Training Tip

While I try to provide you people with something of substance every day, today we will be a little lean. Today the tip will be on running. During a race that has hills of any consequence, you will find that people fade on the uphills and then try and push the downhills. I know if you read this blog you push it hard up the hills. So, when you start to crest a hill, make sure you continue to push the pace instead of taking a break. You will notice that you will pass a lot of people as they take a quick breather before they speed up on the downhill. So the next time you are running on a hill during a training run, really push your pace as you crest a hill to prepare for your next race.

I Am Not a Foodie, But…

In our house, my wife is the big cook. She is really talented at it, so I have really not developed my cooking skills at all since we got married. During the ramp up to the season she is really good about making sure I eat healthy. During the season, she is fantastic about helping me eat really well so I can get to the racing weight that I want.

So she had this salad at her friend’s home. Jeanne S. does not have a blog, but I am properly crediting her here anyways. I read a post last week on a Foodie’s blog about properly crediting the source of your recipes or you may get food poisoning from karma. So, I will default to the crediting side. Where she got it, I don’t know. So if she stole it off your blog, please let me know and I will go unplug her fridge.

Broccoli Roman Salad from Jeanne S.

1 pkg chicken Ramen Noodles
1/2 c. oil
1 tbsp vinegar
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 pkg broccoli slaw (found in the pre-made salad section)
3-5 green onions
1/3-1 cup almonds (or you can use sunflower seeds or both)
2-3 cups cut up fresh broccoli
1-1 1/2 cups craisens
1 pkg real bacon bits (found near the croutons)

Mix Ramen season packet with oil, vinegar, sugar and salt. Wisk it well. In a large bowl mix remaining ingredients. Don’t forget to break up the Ramen Noodles into salad. Pour made salad dressing over salad and toss. Serve soon after. Does not save well.

This salad is somewhat healthy. We leave out the bacon bits and the Ramen Noodles and I think it elevates it on the healthy scale. This stuff is spectacular. It looks great on the plate and the flavor is out of this world. I did not take any pictures of the process or anything, so you will just have to believe me. But really, we ate this with a little chicken and a baked potato and it was to die for people.

I don’t know if I will continue to post recipes because there are so many Foodies that make up their own and post them on their blogs. I think I will leave this to the experts, but when I find something that just blows me away, I will make sure I keep you people in the loop. This one definitely was a hit at our house.

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