iPad Fitness App Review

I think I may have found the sickest iPad App that is related to fitness and health that exists.

No really…this is one that you need.

If you are looking for a way to jump start your fitness training, especially if you have a cross-training day scheduled into your run or triathlon training plan, you need my newest gem — and it is really that good.

SEAL Fitness ($1.99)

Navy Seals are one of the baddest warrior groups in the world. Say what you want about the politics of current wars, the Seals have a reputation of maintaining an incredible level of physical and mental fitness. When lives are on the line, it is important that the fitness level of a Navy Seal allows them to rely on their bodies to perform.

The book starts off with a detailed overview of physical fitness. For most seasoned triathletes, runners, and cyclists, the information will be a review. But if you are just starting on your career, the information is detailed and well-written.

The next couple of chapters provide detailed information on cardiovascular training. There is an entire chapter on running, and it is very detailed. It provides strategies on how to use different workouts (like fartleks, intervals, recovery runs) to improve your overall fitness and speed. The next two chapters discuss swimming and resistance training and treats both with equal care.

The chapter I like the most discusses flexibility. There are a ton of examples and illustrations that show how to improve the flexibility of specific muscle groups. The chapter on calisthenics gives examples and provides illustrations on great exercises that you can do with body weight to improve muscular strength.

The chapter that really sets this book apart is called “Physical Fitness Recommendations”. This chapter gives you some great suggested workouts and provides you with the scoring for the Navy Seal Physical Readiness Test. Want to find out how you would stack up against a Navy Seal? You can find out how you would score to standard with Pull-Ups, Sit-Ups, Push-Ups, 3 Mile Run, and a 0.5 Mile Swim. The book gives you the scoring standards and how to assign a score to your performance.

Verdict: This is one sweet App and provides you with a ton of information. This is a must buy — pick it up today.

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