Ironman St. George — Pre-Race or Something…

I took the family and we headed down to St. George on Wednesday. Registration was on Thursday, and it was nice to get there a little early to relax. We spent the time just hanging out. We have been down to the course twice specifically to scout it out, so I wasn’t worried about getting my bearings. It was nice to have one thing out of the way before we left.

Thursday we got up and I went to registration with my buddy Marion who also was competing. This was a first year event, so the organization was a little off, but I think that was due to the volunteers and not the Ironman North America. There was a box of athlete number stencils that were lost, and mine was in that box, so at athlete marking later that day they had to improvise. Outside of that, the registration went fine.

Marion and I then headed out to Sand Hollow Reservoir for our practice swim. The water temps we supposedly right at 60 degrees, but man it felt cooler than that. The ambient temps were about 60 degrees and the wind was blowing sustained at about 25 mph with gusts higher than that. There were whitecaps out on the lake, which really made swimming a joy. I threw on my now illegal T1 wetsuit from DeSoto Sports and man it was warm. I had a neoprene hat and booties on too, which made me very happy. That water was cold enough that I think you really needed them. We swam out from the start to a small island off of shore, which was probably about 500 yards away. I then spent the rest of the day relaxing with the family. Thursday night I slept really well. Two nights before the race is the most important night for me, even more so that the night before the race.

Friday was gear drop off day. I was at a HOA Board Meeting last week and made all of my lists while I was supposed to be listening. It was very helpful to be able to work off of a list to keep myself from double guessing my packing. That would have kept me up at night, so I wanted to eliminate this variable too. I dropped off my T1 and T2 bags and my bike. It was nice to be able to not have to worry about that on race day.

My nutrition strategy for Friday was simple – I had a heavy breakfast and lunch and a very lite dinner. I wanted my stomach to clear on race morning before I started so I didn’t have that pressure sitting in my gut. I read about this strategy somewhere and hoped it would work for me. I had signed up for the shuttle from the hotel to the area we needed to congregate the morning of the race to catch another shuttle down to the race site as all of the roads to the lake were closed.

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