Ironman St. George — T2

Time: 7:17

This really did take too long. I took my time – I changed my shirt and socks but that was about it. I did not use my volunteer to pack my bag back up, which in hindsight was a mistake. I should have save the minute I used to pack up and shaved that off of my time. I did stop by the potty and took the first pee of the day since the lake. Still, no excuses. It was too long. I did spend a couple of minutes talking to a guy who was having a tough day. I tried to talk him into continuing, but he had bonked twice on the bike. I could have skipped that, but to me it was part of the experience. I like the camaraderie that exists in races, and I would spend twice that time if I could get someone to continue. Overall the couple of minutes didn’t matter.

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