Ironman St. George — The Finish

Time: 13:06:22
M 35-39: 109/297
Overall: 561/1,634 

Yes, I am now an Ironman. I loved the experience and the day. I put together a realistic plan and followed it all the way in. I never felt horrible or sick. I was stressed on the run, but nothing that ever made me think I wanted to quit. My attitude was always positive. I really thought I would hit a low point sometime, but it never came. I think my training just helped me know where my limits were and to be able to plan to stay within those. I love that I got out of the lake in 880th place, got off the bike in 548th place, and finished in 561st place. My pacing strategy worked.

So could I go faster? I think I can. I would actually push the second loop of the bike harder and try and push the second loop of the run a little more. I would spend a little less time in T1 and T2 to pull my times down.

Overall, I am ecstatic with my results. The winner came in at 8:40, which is much slower than other Ironman races. It was tough, but I loved it. I thought it was a great test of my fitness and mental strength. The journey was fantastic, and the destination wasn’t half bad.

Me and the Family
Me and Bruce

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