Ironman St. George — The Preamble…

I sit here tonight a grateful man. I am so pumped – my race went extremely well. I never had any issues with my stomach, was able to overcome the small issues I had with cramping, and kept my attitude super positive the entire day. While I missed my published goal by about 11:00, it was still a fantastic day where I executed my plan well. I was super surprised that I was able to feel as good as I did for the majority of the day. I had lots of friends and family who stayed throughout the entire day to watch me and knowing I had that support on the course was such a lift for me. I never imagined how much it would mean to me to have them all there.

Haus and I pre-race.

This race fell on May 1st, which is super early in the year for an Ironman. I have to admit to not loving to train through the winter. We live in the mountains, and there is snow on the ground for much of the season. I am not hardcore, so I won’t ride when there is snow on the road or sidewalks. A lot of my training happened indoors this winter. This made most of my training extremely boring. I love training outdoors. Running or biking outside is just fun and super stimulating.

The boy and I just tapering…

I have competed in tri’s since 2005 and have always felt like I did well, but this was an Ironman and I knew I had to elevate my game to hit my goals. I bought a PowerMeter to train with for my bike as well as a training cycle from Saris – the 300 Pro Cycle – because it also has PowerMeter. I purchased the WKO+ software from Training Peaks to try and take a more scientific approach to my training. I educated myself on training with power, weight loss and maintenance for sports performance, and periodization. All of those decision helped me stay motivated and understand how my body was adapting to the stress I was putting it under. I think it helped me peak at the right time, an issue I have had with my races in the past.

The boy out at Sand Hollow Reservoir

Since January 1, 2010 I have really put forth a good effort. I have swam 84,88 yards, biked 2,511.31 miles, and ran 236.01 miles. My TSS for the period was 13,529.10. I did miss a total of 10 days of training because of illness or injury, but I don’t think that the missed days hurt my fitness levels. I would workout twice a day four days a week, have a lite day, and then have my long workout day followed by a total rest day. Looking back at my workout schedule, I could have increased my bike miles, but that is the only change I would have made.

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