Ironman St. George — The Swim

Time: 1:18 :39
Pace: 2:03/100
M 35-39: 109/297
Overall: 880/1,634 

The course was one loop and was well set up. There were turn buoys and site buoys, which was nice. At the first turn buoy I took a wide turn and just headed out towards the second turn buoy. At this point I started to warm up and knew I could go much quicker than I was swimming. I made a decision to just take the whole swim easy. I wanted to get out of the water feeling fresh and ready to go. I backed off of the throttle and just swam, focusing on my form. I am a bilateral breather and noticed how much that helped with sighting as I could keep an eye on swimmers on both sides of me.

I never felt taxed and just kept swimming. I stayed outside of the main pack and kept a lookout for the women’s caps – they were fluorescent yellow. I never found a pair of feet to draft off – I would find a pair at it seemed they were all kicking violently. At the finish I did notice that I had a pack of about five people on my feet. I think it is because I don’t kick at all when I am in a race. I let the wetsuit make me buoyant and keep my legs up.

The third turn buoy is next to an island and we hit that and started heading for home. Man I felt fresh. I thought I could hit the gas and cruise home, but I was feeling so good, I decided I would just relax. Even at this pace I thought I would come in a 1:10 or so, but I guess when I let off the gas at the start, I really let off the gas. It was either that or I took such wide lines that I really added some distance to my swim. My bet after the fact is that it was a little of both. Lesson learned for next time. I really should wear a watch during the swim to check my pace.

Other than keeping a better eye on my pace, there isn’t much I would do differently for the swim but pick up the speed a little more. I am a consistent 1:40/100 swimmer in practice and can hold that pace forever. My form was good during the race, and I didn’t ever get tired. I think the keeping the outside line and slowing down on purpose.

Marion and I at pre-race swim. I make that nerd cap look good. Admit it.

Marion and I at pre-race swim. That water is really, really cold.

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