IT Band Issues

Distance: 21.4 miles
Time: 1:01:58
Average Watts: 177 watts
Normative Power: 180 watts
Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm
Total Work: 651 kJ
Average Speed: 20.7 mph

Yep, another indoor ride. This one was on the PowerTap Pro PT300 and wow, it was tougher than the 651 kJ suggests. I did try some tougher intervals later in the ride, which would explain why the average watts were up a little. The good news is I got the total work up over 650 kJ, which is now the new threshold that qualifies a ride as worthwhile or a waste of time. I decided today that even on a recovery ride, I will go until I hit the magical 650 kJ mark. Why 650 kJ? I think it is about there that a ride feels good and makes a positive impact on my fitness levels.

Up for the rest of the week — tough intervals, every ride. I want to hit Saturday tired with legs that feel like wet noodles. This may be the last week of riding through the end of April, and I want this week to make a difference. Six weeks off will suck, but I hope I can sneak in a ride here and there.

IT Band Pain

You guys know I am not a doctor nor a physical therapist, but I did stay in a Marriott last night (wrong commercial, but you get the idea). But I have experienced my share of knee pain and man oh man, talk about ruining a run immediately. If you have recurring IT Band pain while running, you really should talk to a PT who is also a runner to find out the biomechanics that are causing your pain. The real solution would be to deal with the cause.

If you are like me, you have had some type of IT Band pain when you are ramping up your running mileage. Anytime I hit a plateau and put together a plan to elevate my performance either through increased mileage or speed work, it seems that my IT Band tries to remind me who is in charge and running the show. This is a common ailment that plagues beginner triathletes and runners. I have my own strategy for treating this nagging pain that starts on the outside of my knee and then starts to climb up my leg.

I start with ice baths. I have talked extensively in the past about the healing properties of ice baths, but when you have an injury that is due to inflamation that creates pain, an ice bath can help you immensely. Starting with an ice bath can help you bring down the swelling that running naturally creates.

Then I stretch a warm IT Band until it screams. I literally thought once that my IT Band was talking to me. I thought it threatened to snap the next time I took a step on a track if I didn’t quit stretching it. But it had no idea what I had in mind next…the foam roller.

I bought a foam roller about a year ago and I love the thing. It is kind of weird to get used to and hard to figure out on your own. All I can say is YouTube can be your friend as part of this process. Like anything, there is tons of crap out there, but if you can wade through most of it, you can find those hidden gems. This video is one. I think it is a great introduction into how to care for your IT Band. If you don’t have any IT Band pain, I would suggest that going through these foam roller (what do you call them? Exercises? Strategies? Practices?) exercises that you are less likely to develop IT Band pain, even when stepping up your workout training load.

Paris-Nice Stage 2

Since very few people commented yesterday on my wonderful piece on the Paris-Nice race, further posts on the race will be suspended. I will, however, provide you with the video of the recap from the previous day because well, that is what is available when I write this. Strictly speaking, if you people don’t want to see it, I ain’t going to put it up.

If you people don’t comment on my Tour de France writing in July, so help me I will take a three week vacation from this blog. Alright, not really. My wife asked me why I am so religious about publishing this blog. My response will have to wait for another day. In the mean time, enjoy the Paris-Nice Stage 2 recap from our friends at Versus TV…

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