It’s a Triathlon Thanksgiving

First of all, thanks to everyone who extended their condolences for the passing of my friend Scott Davis. The services were good, his family is doing as well as can be expected, and spending time with our circle of friends was wonderful. I had the chance to spend a couple of private moments with his widow, Kim and treasure some of the things that she shared with me about Scott. I realized over the last couple of days how important my friends are and how much harder I need to work to have a more meaningful impact on those around me. Needless to say, even though it was a hard couple of days, it really was a wonderful experience.

Now on to today’s post.

My Thanksgiving

There are a ton of lists that will be published today and tomorrow about what people are thankful for. One thing I am thankful for is running, cycling, and triathlon gear. There are some innovations that make us faster, and others that make us comfortable. But the ones that I love the most are those that make us look better. But here is my list of five items that relate to endurance sports that I am thankful for. In no particular order, they are:

  1. Running Shoes — In the US, 350 million pairs of athletic sneakers are sold each year. I love my Mizunos and could never see myself in another brand. But the running shoe has helped make the world more mobile and fall in love with running. I have been looking into the Reebok toning shoes, but I am not sure they come in any other color than pink.
  2. Garmin Computers — Wear them on your wrist or mount them on your bike, GPS based computers rock. I love knowing exactly how far I have gone, how fast I got there, my heart rate, and even my power. Now if they could only move my legs for me, I would be set.
  3. Spandex — Dang right people. I said spandex. I love running or riding in spandex. I love how it makes my butt look fit and trim, and how people love it when I run by with it on. It makes me laugh when people are get uncomfortable when you show up to a kid’s birthday party in your spandex. I think it is their problem…
  4. Carbon Fiber — If there was ever a material that could make you :20 seconds quicker over a 26 mile time trial, you know that I would buy it. I think the only thing better than one carbon fiber bike is two — so both my tri bike and road bike are made out of carbon fiber. My friends often wonder how I can ride two bikes at a time, but it really blows their mind when I tell them I also have a mountain bike.
  5. Oakley Sunglasses — Let’s face it, they make you look like a super fast stallion. I know I can’t ride with the break-aways or run sub 6:00 miles, but man I will portray an image of cool indifference when I am getting passed. Of course, my sunglasses need to be prescription so I can immediately evaluate the pace booty. Oakley will do that for you.

Now this isn’t a comprehensive list, but I think it is pretty solid. I know that there are other items I really am thankful for — like Infinit, Cervelo, and WKO+ from Training Peaks. But those just are not as funny as the five I list. The tongue in cheek approach to this post does expose my contempt for buying items because you feel they will make you quicker without any additional work. Without the underlying work, technology and toys are useless. So do the work and you can reap the benefit from the tools that you have.

Happy Thanksgiving people! Please be safe those of you who are traveling. It is going to be a nasty weather weekend.

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