Maui Trip October 2010 — Snorkeling Molokini and Turtle Town

Guys, I need to warn you now that my job is really tough. I am not sure that you will want to continue reading if you have a weak stomach.

One of my clients is the Maui YMCA, and yes it is that Maui. They are a fantastic client and I have to come out here at least twice a year. Now before you start to really feel sorry for me, know that this time I was able to bring my family. Now I know I am tugging at your heart strings.

Let me give you a review of a couple of things that you should do if you ever find yourself slaving away here like I do.

Snoreling at the Molokai Volcano and Turtle Town

I love to snorkel, and haven’t taken the step to SCUBA yet because it wouldn’t involve my family. Last time we were here we snorkeled off of the island of Lanai, and it was incredible. The diversity and quantity of fish was fantastic there. My experience at Molokai was exactly the opposite. I counted only five different types of fish. The company we went had about 100 people on the boat, which meant that it was extremely crowded, even once when we were in the water. Regardless, here are some of the photos…

Hoss and Karen snorkeling at Molokini

Hoss and Karen from about 15 feet down...

And then there was this one…I swear it is one of the only fish that I saw. For whatever reason there were very few on this reef this day.

Snorkeling at the Molokini Reef

After an hour at the Molokini crater, we moved on to what they called “Turtle Town”. I guess this spot has the reputation of housing a ton of sea turtles, and I have to admit that it did not disappoint. The funny thing was that the boat UNLOADED when we hit this spot. Everyone wanted to get out and see the turtles. It was funny — the turtles decided they didn’t want to be seen, until everyone got back into the boat. Except for Hoss and I. The great thing was that Hoss saw the turtle on the bottom of the sea first. I took the underwater pics after diving down to about 25 feet.

Sea Turtle at Turtle Town off of Maui

The great looking sea turtle Hoss saw in Turtle Town

Then the turtle decided to surface and Karen got a great picture of him here…

Sea Turtle Surfacing at Turtle Town Off of Maui

Karen shot this of the turtle we saw at the bottom at Turtle Town


If you want to see a ton of fish and turtles too, you should take the cruise over to Lanai. The boats take smaller groups, which means that there is less crowding in the water. I would definitely skip the trip to the Molokini Crater and Turtle Town.

Personally, I will take the shuttle to Lanai and then snorkle off of the beach there. There are plenty of fish there and clear water to allow you to take some great photos.

Anyone else have a good suggestion for snorkeling off of Maui?

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