Maui is One of the Coolest Places on Earth

Distance: 21.3 miles
Time: 1:00:32
Average Watts: 179 watts
Normative Power: 182 watts
Average Heart Rate: 154 bpm
Total Work: 645 kJ
Average Speed: 21.1 mph

That was a nice little ride Monday morning. I was a little higher on my average watts than what I had put out on Saturday with a lower average heart rate. The cool thing about training with power is you can tell when there is something off in your performance. I think I was dehydrated on Saturday, which lead to the higher average heart rate. The new WKO+ software that I use provides you with detailed analysis of several different performance variables. I love all the cool stuff you can do with technology.

By the way, did you register for the lottery for Ironman Kona? The deadline was midnight on Monday, and yes, I did enter. I did not join the Ironman Passport program — which you could do for $50.00 — out of philosophical considerations. They were offering an additional lottery entry if you did, but I steered clear. Cross your fingers for me!

I found out today the RFP for the grant we specialize in will be published March 14th with a submissions deadline of April 27th. That means that for most of the month of April I will be off the bike and stuck with 3.0 or 4.0 mile runs. I am thinking I will not be able to maintain the fitness I have gained over the winter, but that is sometimes the way life goes. The financial future of my company is determined over that 45 day period. We have been in business for 10 years and have raised over $75 M to help school districts across the country make improvements in their PE programs. This will give me the summer open.

Cool Stuff in Maui

There are lots of cool places on this planet. While I really like Hawaii and specifically the island of Maui, I am not in love with Maui just because everyone else is. It is a super cool place, but there are a couple of things you can’t do there. But of course, there are things that you can do in Maui County that can only be done in very few places.

I was on Maui a couple of weeks ago conducting a site visit for one of my clients, the Maui Family YMCA. They are working with local schools to improve the physical activity levels of elementary students. It is a really cool project that is being funded by the U.S. Department of Education. So while I spend a week or so on the islands, I am working all day and then play at night. The amount of activities that I get to do while there is much, much lower than what you may be able to do if you spent a week of vacation on the island.

This is the height of the whale watching season. The humpback whales migrate from cold Alaskan waters to visit the warm waters off of Maui and surrounding islands. There are some really cool photos that you can get from a whale watching tour boat. We selected the Pacific Whale Foundation’s Whale Watching Tour and loved every second of it. Here are some of the better photos I took…

I may have posted this one before, but I love it. It shows how high these 40 ton animals can get out of the water. Just for fun, the next time you are at the pool, dive really deep and then swim for the surface as hard as you can and see how much of your body will come out of the water…

So this 80,000 lbs. animal got almost his entire body out of the water minus his tail. I wonder what type of resistance a humpback will generate when swimming.

I took the wife and Hoss with me this go round. When I couple a business trip with, say, spectating at Ironman Kona, I have been known to leave them behind. Spectating a race that I am not in is torture for them. We also take a snorkeling trip when we all go and this trip we decided to take the Pacific Whale Foundation’s Molokini and Lana’i trip. Molokini is a fantastic volcanic crater that has a great reef that is no more than about 30 feet below the surface. I loved that site. We went there last October and someone must have spooked the fish because there were very few that time. This time there were a ton. Hoss, the wife, and I all got into the water and just loved it. Here are the better shots…

This photo is out of order, but cool none the less. Hoss is a focused kid and I hope that carries over into his teenage years. Here he is looking for whales.

This kid will try most anything once. He is 7 and as long as he has on a life jacket, he has no problem going into the water. It makes me feel more confident to dive down to the bottom of the reef and try and get cool pictures if I can leave him up top with a life jacket. We are land locked you know. While he is a great swimmer, I am not sure leaving him unattended in the open ocean at 7 years old is adviseable.

If you know Hoss outside of this blog, you understand this photo. The kid has no fear of adults and will talk to anyone. I was packing up gear and Josh went missing. I looked around and he was in the wheelhouse with the Captain, asking to drive the boat. And of course, the Captain let him.

On that snorkeling trip, I was out in the water when everyone else had headed back to the boast because they were worn out. I swear there are lots of times it pays to be a triathlete and have a cardiovascular engine that doesn’t get stuck in 1st gear. I happened on a green sea turtle. Sightings happen all the time, but this turtle was awesome. I followed it for about 10 minutes. We were in about 30 feet of water, and I would get some air, dive down to the bottom, cruise with the turtle for about 30 seconds, and then go back up for air. Here is some video I took with my underwater camera — while this one is short, I took one that is about 3:45 long. The clarity on this one is much better, and I didn’t think you wanted to watch that much footage of a turtle swimming. I tried to tweak the audio because once you got down to 20 feet, you could hear whales singing too, but no luck…

Another cool activity we did while we were on Maui was go up to Haleakala National Park. This is one of the volcanoes that made the island of Maui. To get there you go from sea level up to about 8000′. The drive is up skinny switchbacks and the day we went it was super foggy and raining. I wish I had some cool photos looking into the crater and stuff, but nope, all you get is one of me and Hoss standing next to one of the trailheads in the heavy fog…there is an entrance fee to the Park, but it is worth the trip if you get to see stuff.

One of the cooler activities when you are on Maui is of course to spend time on the beach. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to spend time where other people aren’t. I am not anti-social, but I do like to take the road less traveled. So instead of staying at the big resorts, we stay in Kihei across from the beach. There is some snorkeling that you can do for free. Hoss and I save our pennies and buy a couple of boogie boards and go to the beach every night when I get to the hotel to hit the beach and waves. I actually got the boy on some big waves this time and it was cool to see how much he enjoyed them. Outside of the cost of the boards — which we buy for cheap instead of rent — this is a free activity. One piece of advice — wear the rash guard. Runners do not have the exclusive on nipple chaffing you know. Think of the sand stuck to your board and rubbing your chest against it repeatedly. I’,m just saying.

We love our trips to Maui. I have another year with this client, so we have three more trips to take. I love going to Maui with my family, and there are some fantastic experiences we have shared together. To close this out, here are some of the better photos we have taken that remind me of fantastic times with my family…

And one that I love…you can choose to disagree, but keep it to yourself. :)

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