Mountain Hardware Windstopper Micro Dome — A Review

Type: Endurance Ride
Distance: 20.77 miles
Time: 1:00:37
Average Watts: 165 watts
Normative Power: 167 watts
Average Heart Rate: 153 bpm
Total Work: 600 kJ
Average Speed: 20.6 mph

Great workout on the CycleOps Pro PT300 in Mike’s Pain Cave this morning. Today I watched some of my old Tour de France DVD’s and man do I miss cycling outside. It always happens to me when I can’t get outside and ride — I start getting the itch again to go out and put some miles on my rig. It is funny that watching marathon or Ironman do not give me the same drive. While I love watching Ironman on DVD, they provide me with a different type of motivation. I haven’t ever thought about the why until this morning. I am still super confused at the different feeling that watching both provide me with.

My buddy Dirty Curty and I have been talking for a couple of months about going over to France to watch the Tour for a couple of days. Wouldn’t that just be outstanding? I would love to be there on the mountain during some of the more significant climbs of the race. I would love to see riders turning themselves inside out all while trying to appear as if they are out on a Sunday ride. How cool would it be to run beside Andy Schleck or Franco Pellizotti (read about them on Wikipedia at the links) when they are dancing on their pedals on an incline that would make the rest of us mortals puke?

At the 2010 Tour of Utah I did get to be up close and personal with a couple of the big names in cycling and that was super cool. I felt like a middle school girl at a Jonas Brothers Concert. I got some super cool pictures of Levi Leipheimer and George Hincapie. My son and I got to actually meet Bob Roll who was in town with one of the local sponsors. The best part about it is I got to share that experience with my boy Hoss.

In 2009 I did get to spectate at the Ironman World Championships in Kona. I scheduled a business trip over there on the same weekend and had the opportunity to see some of the triathletes I look up to perform. It was an outstanding experience and I think the moment I decided I could do an Ironman. Before that race I couldn’t wrap my head around the marathon at the end of a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike. Watching the top athletes in the world in our sport pushed me over the edge and helped me “get it”.

Sigh…one day I will go see the Tour de France and it will be sweet. Dirty, let’s make it happen in 2011.

Product Review — Mountain Hardware Winstopper Micro Dome

I have been on the search for a good cover of my head for running outside in the winter for a long time now. I am sort of particular about my hats and my winter hat collection is no exception to this rule. I really like to keep my head warm without being too binding. I also like a hat that rides a little lower on my head so it can keep all of my ears warm. It is almost like I am looking for a system instead of just a hat.

Enter Mountain Hardware. This company just gets outdoor clothing right. I own a couple of their jackets and even a thinner version of the Windstopper Micro Dome. Their clothing is nothing less than phenomenal and extremely versatile. I wear mine hunting, skiing, running, cycling, and even shoveling snow. In short, the company puts together products that work. If this was high school football, Mountain Hardware is the varsity team while all others struggle to make JV.

Of course I bought it in Burnt Orange (and yes, we capitalize Burnt Orange in Texas). The hat is plenty big to pull well down over your ears on the chilliest of days. It breathes very well and even when it is soaked in sweat, it keeps your head plenty warm. Like my new Nike Thermal Running Tights, I have worn this several times now. I haven’t washed it yet and it is not holding any type of odor from my runs. The hat is much too thick to wear under your cycling helmet. But if you are looking for a great hat that will keep your head warm, will last for a long time, and has my stamp of approval (the last being the most important of course), then this is the best hat you can buy.

This link will take you to the Mountain Hardware site, specifically to all their hats. Did I mention you have the option to ship your order in a box that has already been used for shipping (i.e. the ultimate recycling)? Super cool company and great service, I am not sure why you would want to buy another hat. Ever.

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