New GoPro HD Camera — An Epic Skier’s Fall

I have been biking and even *gasp* running this week, but I won’t bore you with the details…

No really, I have been spending my time either on 20 mile rides on the trainer or 5 mile rides on the treadmill. With the great weather we have had over the last couple of weeks it is a shame that I haven’t been riding or running outside. What can I say? When the weather is warm outside I am still inside working. The reality is I am starting to get into a groove and I like it. I will be trying to adjust my schedule soon so that I can ride outside more. I am feeling the triathlon vibe right now.

What I really need to do is cut some weight. I am in at 195 lbs. right now and need to get down to 175. I think I can do it by my birthday at the end of March. I am already off of Coke, which is always a good choice. I don’t know about you, but man do I crave it for the first two weeks and then BAM!, the craving just goes away. I will have one from time to time, but nothing like the 24 – 36 ounces I was having over the holidays.

Now on to the Good News

I got a GoPro HD camera for Christmas this year. If you don’t know what it is, it is a video camera that films in HD and is made to strap to your helmet, handlebars, or anything else you can get the mounts put on. The cameras have been out for about a year now, and man I have coveted them. Like I wanted one so bad, I thought of selling some of my unused bike parts on eBay. If you are anything like me, you keep all of your unused bike parts on hand just in case you or a friend needs one in the future. I must have five or six cassettes laying around.

I have a list of things I want to film while either swimming or biking. I figure if I strapped it to my head while running, people watching may get seasick. But things like cliff jumping at the lake and going off the rope swing would be awesome to film. While I am biking, I want to get a couple of 50+ mph descents on film, and if I am lucky enough, perhaps a crash or two. I only crash about once a year on my road bike, but on my mountain bike I crash a handful of times on every ride. I think that would make some great footage. One bike experience I have crossed off the list is hill climbing. I think it would be pretty boring seeing me go up a hill at 6 mph.

Then there are other activities that I participate in that I want to film. I can mount the camera to the barrel of my shotgun on a bird hunt. I think that would be cool to see. My son wants us to take the camera up when we go skiing and mount it on a helmet. I love the idea, but it may have its drawbacks. Check out this video one skier took while he and a buddy were skiing out of bounds. To set this up, they had traversed a really sketchy spine to get to the spot they wanted to descend. They had dug their skis into the side of the hill and the guy with the camera fell off the back side of the mountain with the camera on this helmet. If you want to skip the setup, go forward to the 1:00 mark to enjoy the action…

I will use the camera in the next couple of months and will also post a product review of the GoPro HD camera sometime soon. In the mean time, I promise no traversing while I am skiing.

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