New U.S. Pro Champion — Matthew Busche

Distance: 50.09 miles
Time: 2:33:00
Average Watts: 187 watts
Normative Power: 203 watts
Average Heart Rate: 153 bpm
Total Work: 1,739 kJ
Average Speed: 19.64 mph

Great start to the week. I was going to ride if the weather cleared up yesterday, but alas it never did. The weather is supposed to be clear and warmer the rest of this week — we may actually enter spring this week. It will be windy, but I can fight the wind. It is the rain I don’t do.

This ride was into a head wind for the first 25.0 miles and I had a great tail wind for the last 25.0 miles. The first half I averaged 17.6 mph on 194 watts for 1:25. There is something to turning around and heading home after a tough first leg. I swear you have more energy and it feels like you are just letting the horses run back to the barn. The second half I average 21.6 mph on 188 watts for 1:08. This route is fairly flat, so I should have been quicker on the way home — there is only a total of 500 feet of elevation gain on the entire ride. If I would have held 195+ watts on the ride home I might have been able to shave two minutes off the ride home, pushing my speed up over 22 mph. Shoulda, coulda, woulda…

Matthew Busche Takes US Pro Title

Before I talk too much about this, how about Dave Zabriskie — a local boy — taking his sixth US Time Trial Championships? He rides for Garmin-Cervelo and man oh man do I love his riding style. He rode the 30.7 km course over rollers in 40:23. Did I say that right? Yep — that is smoking fast folks. The great thing is as he rides through the summer tour schedule, he will be wearing the Stars and Stripes. I love how he just flat out flies. Tom Zirbel got 2nd place but was beat by a whopping 31 seconds, which in a time trial is an eternity. Our boy Matthew Busche (Team RadioShack)  took 3rd place to round out the podium.

But then on Monday Busche (is that pronounced Bush or Bouche? I like the reference to the Water Boy myself) came to ride. Coming off of a great Tour of California, he decided he was in Greenville and the US Pro Championships to win. The best thing about Busche is he is tough as nails. He and George Hincapie had bridged up to the breakaway They rode themselves, Ted King, and my favorite young US rider Tejay Van Garderen almost up to the finish line. With 300 meters to go Busche attacked Hincapie (What? Don’t you know who he is?) but Hincapie was able to hang on and pass Busche. Of course, in his never say die attitude Busche stayed on Hincapie’s wheel and made one last effort to pass him at the line. You guys all know I think George Huncapie is a super stud, but Busche just out sprinted him.

The quality of the video is crappy, but it shows how close the finish was. It would have been great to be there to witness the battle between Hincapie and Busche…

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