Not so Stir Crazy 1.0

Type: Nice Easy Run to Make Sure I Still Work
Distance: 5.0 miles
Time: 42:25
Heart Rate: 161 bpm
TSS: 68.0

Nice easy run around the neighborhood trying to make sure my legs still work. People, you would be surprised with what you can do with a broken elbow. You would be surprised how many times you actually reach up to put your headphones back into your ear and how difficult it is with a broken elbow. Scratching parts of your body with only one arm is also very difficult. I am finding out how important old “lefty” is in my life.

I know I mentioned the other day that I would be publishing a weekly series on flexibility and getting your body right to compete, but my model left town today. I have been working with my brother Jake to get him into shape for Basic Training. One of his limiters in improving his run times is his lack of flexibility. So, I will start taking pictures of my favorite stretches for running and cycling. Swimming stretches are not my area of expertise.

So set your calendar to remind you to come back about Tuesday and I will have them up. I will start with some basic stretches and then move into more advanced territory.

In other news, I am getting a new bike! I took my frame into the shop to have them look for the creak in my bottom bracket and they found a crack in my frame at the intersection of the seat tube and the top tube. Fortunately, it is covered under warranty. Thank you Cervelo and Canyon Bicycles. They will use all of the original parts and build that bad boy back up for me. Here is a shot of me once the tech told me it was covered under warranty:

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