Start of the Spring Classics of Cycling

Distance: 35.0 miles
Time: 1:48:48
Average Watts: 173 watts
Normative Power: 201 watts
Average Heart Rate: Did not connect
Total Work: 1,146 kJ
Average Speed: 19.4 mph

This wasn’t my ride from this morning, but my ride from Saturday. I went out and rode outside with one of my pals who I will ride the Double Triple Bypass in Colorado with in July. It was a great early season ride and great to reconnect with my good friend Juston. He got married several months ago and seems like he is as happy as ever.

The ride was pretty casual. One of the traits of Juston is when it is your turn to pull, he doesn’t like to draft because he likes to workout hard so he drops back about 20 yards or so. It always makes me feel guilty because when it is his turn to pull, I tuck in about six inches from his back tire. I love sitting one someone’s wheel and taking a break while maintaining speed. Juston told me he will let me take a turn on the front during the three centuries we will be doing together this summer, which he better. We have ridden a lot together in the past, and I am stoked to ride with him again. He is a strong cyclist who gives 100% effort until his legs fall off. He did his first triathlon in 2010, and is actually super quick. Calling him a beginner triathlete would be a mistake.

Overall the ride was really, really good. We had planned 40.0 miles, but we ran out of time. We did fuel this ride with Infinit. I had to get over to my Mother-in-Law’s house to fix her attic access door and do some honey-do’s around my own house. I could never complain though — I have a free pass to ride about anytime I want as long as I don’t abuse it. My lady friend only starts getting testy about my 100 mile rides towards September or so. She is really supportive and I am very lucky that way.


I am so excited — it is the start of the European cycling season. For the uninitiated, there are a couple of races that make up what are called the Spring Classics. One of the first every year is the multi-day stage race called Paris-Nice. This race has been run since 1933 and is a great time to see some of the old horses in cycling as well as some of the new up and coming talent.

One of the reasons I have been looking forward to Paris-Nice is we get to see some of the power behind the new Team Garmin-Cervelo. This team is the result of the merger between Garmin-Slipstream and the Cervelo Test Team. This team is stacked. While the Schleck brothers and Alberto Contador are still the top GC riders in the world, I think Garmin-Cervelo will win the team classification at almost any major race. They have one of the top sprinters in the world in Thor Hushovd, some of the hardest working domestiques, and some of the top GC men in the world. I love that they have David Millar, Christian Vande Velde, David Zabriskie (one of my favorite riders and a local), Ryder Hesjedal, and Tyler Farrar on the same team. I don’t think they will challenge for the Yellow Jersey at the Tour de France, but they have a great chance to podium. I think they will also win the Team Classification.

Sunday was Stage 1, and it was pretty exciting by cycling standards. The stages run through Sunday the 13th, and there are some cool stages planned. You should especially watch Stage 4 on Wednesday as it will feature climb after climb after climb. Then Friday’s stage is an Individual Time Trial, which I love. There is little more exciting that seeing man vs. man out on the road, without any help from their teams.

You can find the coverage each day on VersusTV. If you don’t have cable, it is definitely worth the watch on their website (click here), or you can wait a little and I will feature the two minute version each day. On Stage 1, the first break-away was caught up, but the second break-away survived, but barely. Here is the coverage from Sunday:

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