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http://26.2ismycooldown.comPinterest and running motivational quotes were made for each other, sort of like Gatorade and a ProBar. I think motivational quotes are a dime a dozen, unless I make them up, put them on an image, and post them for everyone to repin on their blogs and walls. I know, I am a guy, why am using Pinterest? I really can’t answer that question except for I am a visual person and I do like these type of images. The images I post up here are like my own personal coach who is willing to kick my butt and say the same thing to me over, over, and over again. Are they effective? I will let you be the judge.

So instead of stealing repinning all the cool images I see out on your blogs, I decided to start making my own. I am not the most clever person out there, but I will outwork you. The result is a serious proliferation of cool images with mediocre motivational value. But each time they are stolen repinned, it does help my self-worth and confidence. If I get enough repins in a day, I swear I go to bed happy. If I don’t get enough, then you know I am sitting up late, skipping The Bachelor, and trying to brainstorm my next great motivational quip. Those of you in marketing and PR, how in the world do you do it? The pressure must be immense.

I mean, there are only a couple of categories of images on Pinterest — things you want to buy, the way you wish you were, and things you post to make your friends jealous. Like when I upgrade my bike components to the awesomeness that is Shimano Di2, you better believe I will take tons of photos and pin them up. Then when I am headed to Hawaii in a couple of weeks for work, I will take tons of pictures of the beach and all the fun stuff I am doing just so people will wish they were me. As a runner, I will take photos of the sunrise over the mountains on Maui so you know your run in cold and snow just sucks.

I have read that the images that get the most response out of Pinterest users are those that are highly emotive. So does that mean Pinterest will become the cute kitten and puppy poster’s paradise? If you regularly post pictures of puppies and kittens you do not know on your blog, please go away. If you are one of the people who roll their eyes when they see these types of pictures, please make sure you leave a comment and tell me how smart you think we both are.

So when I was on iStock looking for great images that would pull a tear out of Chuck Norris, I kept coming across images of really sexy men and women. So instead of trying to make you cry, I guess my new goal is to make you smile what in the country we call a “crooked little grin”. I do think it is interesting that women on Pinterest are more likely to post images of other women who fall into “the way you wish you were” category. Not that I think it is a bad idea. By all means, please feel free to continue posting pictures of this nature. As a male endurance athlete, I think that is dead wrong please go ahead.

If you are one of my male friends,  please feel free to make fun and call me every name in the book. Juston, Dan, Josh, Rick, Curt, and Shay I am counting on you to bring up my proclivity to Pinterest on our next ride. I am sure there will be cat calls, etc. But guess what? I will be wearing my oldest white spandex that I have in the drawer. We will see who has the last laugh with that.

So in the meantime, here is my offering for the day. You can follow me on Pinterest here because you know I will continue to produce a mountain of mediocrity and you can see it all IF you are a subscriber. By all means, feel free to repin my images and tell people how they inspire and motivate you to get out on the road. If one of my pictures of puppies and kittens really touches you (Mr. Norris I am talking to you) then by all means put one on your blog. I really don’t even care if you steal them and call them your own — isn’t that the way Pinterest was set up?

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