PowerTap Price Drop — Wow, just wow

Have you ever wanted to train with power? now may be the time for you to make your move — CycleOps just announced that their PowerTap G3 power meter hubs will now only cost $789, which is a $510 price drop. Yes, that means you can get a PowerTap for cheap. Real cheap.

PowerTap Price DropI have a G3 on my ENVE 45’s, and I have to say the unit is rock solid. I think mine may have a problem shutting down once the ride is over, which means I have to change my battery about every three weeks or so. Changing out a battery isn’t a big deal and takes about 5 minutes. I buy the replacement batteries at Walgreen’s and they run me about $4.00 each. For the amount of data the PowerTap provides you with, $4.00 is a small price to pay. Coupled with my Garmin Edge 510, the G3 is a powerful tool that helps me with pacing during rides.

I think the best way to get a hold of one is to order it directly from powertap.com or buy it at your LBS once they get the cheaper version and have them build it into a current wheelset that you have. The G3 is available in 20, 24, 28,  and 32 spoke counts, so it should fit about any rear wheel you already have. For those of us without an unlimited budget, you can get the G3 laced into a set of Zipp 202’s from the powertap.com website, but that wheel is $1,850.00. I had my LBS build me up a set of Zipp 101’s with a PowerTap SLC+ a couple of years ago and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the wheels. I actually ride the 101’s exclusively now. I just like the way they climb. The ENVE 45’s are a great wheel, but they just feel a little sluggish when the road turns up over 6.0%.

Why the price drop and why now? Well the much anticipated Garmin Vector pedal-based power measurement device should be hitting the stores in October 2013 with a projected price point of $1,500, but of course we have been hearing the Vector will be hitting the streets for about two years now. There are some other power meter options that I think are putting downward pressure on the price cyclists are willing to pay for power measurement.

If you ride one set of wheels, I think now is the time to purchase a G3. If you use several wheelsets, then you might want to wait for the Vector from Garmin. I am doubtful that there will be any additional action by CycleOps to lower the price of their PowerTap line, but who knows? I think it may be reasonable to expect some type of action by SRM and Quarq in the next two months if you prefer to use their crank based systems.

Right now, it is good to be a data-driven cyclist.

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