Running Technique — Running Up and Down Hills

Distance: 20.08 miles
Time: 1:05:48
Average Watts: 196 watts
Normative Power: 209 watts
Average Heart Rate: 166 bpm
Total Work: 775 kJ
Average Speed: 18.3 mph

You can always tell an outside ride because the average speed is much lower than the indoor rides. It isn’t fair to compare the speed data from an indoor ride to an outdoor ride — you really need to compare the TSS and the normative watts. In this outdoor ride, both were significantly higher than what I produce indoors. Then there is always the enjoyment factor.

I love, love, love riding my bike outdoors. There was a real headwind on this ride, which did slow me down. I think the most I had in me on this ride was about 19 mph, but the speed will come back once I start riding outdoors regularly. My threshold power does need to come up, which I can work on indoors. The time spent on the trainer during the winter is the price we pay for that early season speed. We will see when it gets here.

Proper Running Technique for the Hills

I am one of those guys who loves to run uphill. I really don’t get scared by a steep pitch and it makes me happy when I am running a race and there is a steep hill on the course. Invariably you will pass lots of people if you can maintain a consistent speed on the uphills. But running downhill is another story. I do not love the jarring that my quads and hips take when I am running down a steep hill. Most people will speed up quite a bit on the downhills during a race and I seem to slow down.

So I went on a search f0r a decent instructional video of how to maintain your form while running downhill and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Dave Scott is a triathlon Titan. The guy is one of my heroes because between he and Mark Allen, they dominated the Iron distance triathlon for lots of years before it became almost mainstream. Dave is working with to put together some cool instructional videos on our sports. If you have a YouTube account, I suggest you subscribe to the channel which I have included here.

But check out this video Dave put together about maintaining good form while running the hills. I know I pulled a ton of information from the video that will help me speed up on the downhills and keep my advantage that I got when passing people running uphill.

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