Sad News

So I am sure you do not know, but Action Mike is actually an action figure for one of my skiing idols, the legendary Shane McConkey. I bought it at a Toys-R-Us probably about five years ago for Josh because it looked so much like me. What boy doesn’t want their Dad in an action figure, right?

I own several skiing movies with McConkey in them. The primary reason why I got into Matchstick Productions films was to watch McConkey. He was an unreal skier who brought joy to the mountain. He was one of the rare talents who could bring that same joy to the screen, not by jokes or shenanigans, but because he felt it deep in his soul. His style was officially called Freeskiing, but he really just skied the way he wanted.

So I am looking through Outside magazine tonight on a plane and I notice an ad for K2 skis that feature McConkey on the top sheet and it mentions that the proceeds from the sales of the ski will go to Shane’s widow and daughter. WHAT? That would mean McConkey is gone. Holy crap you have to be kidding I thought. How did I not know this? Am I so wrapped up in my own little world that I miss huge events like this one?

He was 39 when he died this last March. I hate reading, “At least he died doing what he loved” because this is total BS. He loved his wife and daughter. Skiing may have been his passion, but I guarantee he would have given up that last jump just to still be here with them today. RIP Shane…

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